Stress Free Short-Term Rental With Air-Host Management Inc

Safe, brisk and revenue multiplying Short-Term Rental listing! You take a backseat while we work diligently to multiply your revenue.

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    What We Do

    We manage your property, set the right price, and rent to the right buyers, therefore, bolstering your revenue.

    Listing Creation

    Attractive pricing and enticing photos put your property at the top. You sit back and relax.

    Premium Toiletries

    A little pampering never fails to put a smile on anyone’s face.  We provide premium toiletries to your guests, by adding a touch of luxury to the standard Airbnb experience.

    Improve Revenue

    We are dedicated to ensuring a substantial increase in net rental revenue over the course of a fiscal year, as well as maintaining a close relationship with our client homeowners.  Air-Host will make the most of your short-term rental property.  Read more on our Airbnb blog.

    Guest Communication

    Professional correspondence with the guests before and after their arrival. We’ll make sure your home is safe and your guests are taken care of throughout their stay.

    24 Hours Check in

    Our services are available around the clock throughout the year. Anyone can check in at any time.

    Upscale Feel

    First impressions are so important.  Which is why we will always deliver above and beyond what’s expected.  Our service seeks to ensure luxury hotel standards for your guests – but without the gruelling task of undertaking this yourself.

    Background checks

    With Air-Host, your home is in good hands.  We thoroughly screen potential guests to ensure only the most reputable guests will be staying in your home


    A highly professional team to maintain the place is just an email or text message away. We’ll help you take care of basic property maintenance tasks and will be on call throughout your guest’s stay.

    Professional Cleaning

    Air-Host will add a touch of home to your property.  We hire professional cleaners to clean the property, replace linen, vacuum the entire space and freshen up the air. Expect an impeccably clean place, each time.