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143 reviews for A. Package 1 Professionally create & optimize your Airbnb listing

  1. Isabelle C.

    The results we have had with paid social and display have been mind-blowing.

  2. Victoria K

    Their customer service, ability to grasp our brand very quickly, professionalism, and skillset are exceptional.

  3. Hubert

    Got more traffic on my listing through 5 days targeted facebook ad.

  4. Xavier Chan

    Getting potential customers through their facebook ad and attractive listing.

  5. Grayson

    I would recommend (Airhost) to everyone as they believe in research based work writing good and detailed reviews to my listing. Higher traffic on my new listing

  6. darren miller

    Best management and hosting services ever

  7. Arnaud Leo

    I use them because they are cheap, but you get what you pay for.

  8. peter

    No complaints and only praise for airhost. Easy to use. Very responsive. Great choices. And if you are a good guest, the hosts love you.

  9. Kris

    They’re highly qualified, professional, and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies.

  10. Sophia

    Their campaign quickly resulted in quality leads from the target market.

  11. Francis Kelley

    very welcoming, the home was exactly as pictured, the room was very clean and comfortable, the breakfast was superb.

  12. Canonsburg

    Communication could not have been better, Very quick response questions answered very quickly. Provided clear concise information.
    I hope to be able to use airhost management again I think their service for homeowners and visitors makes the rental go very smoothly
    If I place a home on Airbnb I would like to have airhost management assist me with rentals.

  13. Gabriela

    Sparkling clean apartment and very good communication.

  14. Mak Smith

    The hosts were very welcoming and were expert at management. Hosts communicated about everything from my booking through my arrival and until my departure.

  15. Christopher

    Airhost Management team has helped us through our cheackins and was available throughout our stay. Extremely patient and very proactive and makes a point to make the guests comfortable. Absolutely loved our stay.

  16. Robert

    If you want to let out your property then I would say go for Airhost Management. The Airhost Management team is extremely professional.

  17. James

    Excellent host with great hospitality.

  18. John

    Extremely satisfied with the attention to detail and communication. Care is always shown. Guests are looked after from start to Finnish. We highly recommend them to anyone looking at Hosting.


    They are a company of substance that is backed up by the consistency of their actions.

  20. Kia Adams

    Airhost Management’s responsive and in tune with our competitive market.

  21. Keyan Thomson

    A big thank you to Airhost Management and the rest of the Team for taking care of my problem and for sending me all the documents I needed.
    Awesome job!

  22. Alicia Paley

    I can’t recommend Al and the Airhost team highly enough! While finding your property for rent is a process most couples dread, Al and Prayas made it almost too easy. From finding us options to explaining the process thoroughly, we were in good hands. Our escrow could not have gone smoother and when it was all said and done, we were almost in shock that it was so painless. I would highly recommend Airhost Management to any of our friends and family!

  23. Loretta Mazanti

    Al and Prayas and his team are second to none. They go above and beyond to make sure all communications, appointments, and promises are kept! I had many times during my 3 years working with them where they supported impeccable service, attention, and generosity of energy and time. Thanks so much, Al and the rest of AIRHOST MANAGEMENT team!

  24. Emma Dayton

    I know Dax from Florida professionally and I must say that I know you are going to be delighted with using Airhost Management as your property management company. There are tons of property management companies out there, however, if you are an owner, or tenant, know that you are in good hands. I recommend them to all of my family and friends who are looking for management in the areas they service.- they’re A+

  25. N. Sauter

    As far as property management companies go, these guys are awesome. As an owner of a house, they took over on managing my property and I’ve been impressed with their honesty & transparency when it came to getting the best tenants to rent my place.
    As I’m sure any owner does, I wanted a high price for my house rental. Since I would be moving out of the country, I needed to turn my properties into investments and not headaches. After having my high priced home sit on the market for a bit, Al and Dax from Florida, a property consultant, shared their honest opinion about fair market rent. I trusted their opinion, lowered the rent and sure enough, it was filled with tenants within a week after that conversation.
    From my experience, their other staff is also very personable and kind. I plan on getting more investment properties for Airhost Management team to manage, and working with them has been GREAT.
    Thanks, guys!

  26. Loren Welch

    AIRHOST MANAGEMENT was amazing! My husband and I had no clue where to start when it came to renting our home for short term rentals. It was a sigh of relief (and totally worth the cost) to have a TEAM of people who know the game, have the resources, and efficiently execute on our behalf. There’s a laundry list of things they handle, but I won’t waste the space to detail it… just pick up the phone and give them a call. It’s more than worth your time! Thanks for everything Airhost Management!

  27. Pat Andrews

    Airhost Management has been a BOON to my second home. They are attentive, organized, thorough and competitive with their eye on the prize: consistent vacation bookings for my single-family home which has allowed me to carry the costs of ownership while STILL being able to occasionally enjoy the use of my home when I go on vacation (something a lot of Airbnb managers won’t allow of their properties). Their whole staff is SUPER friendly and Over-responsive and AL – is very passionate and detail-oriented too. Great service and have already recommended them to friends and family!

  28. Gemma A. Williams

    I live out of town and have an apartment building in Ontario. When I became fed up with my old property manager I was referred to Airhost Management.

    They not only gave me superior service but they were able to quickly make small improvements and increase the rent by 50%.

    And guess what…… they charge LESS than my old manager!


  29. Dominika Thorne

    AL and Prayas get the job done. They know the local market and has a tremendous network to tap into. As long-time Toronto natives, we appreciate someone who has a deep understanding of the city and how to market a property successfully. We just completed our third transaction with AIRHOST MANAGEMENT and could not be happier.

  30. Clayton Stone

    AL is the man for the job! My home was on the market three days for a short term rental- I have a new tenant in less than 3 days– Why? Because he knew exactly how to stage it, paint it, and present it. I also was able to receive far more in the sale than expected! (And in today’s market, this is unheard of!)

    I was out of the country for the entire month of escrow, and AL and Prayas handled everything. I came back into the country, signed the final papers, and collected my large check! I wouldn’t believe this if I hadn’t experienced it myself!

    But in addition to all of the above, AL went far beyond the call of duty to help me out with my renters in my other property, Needless to say, I cannot say enough about AL. He’s such a sincere, hard-working, communicative property manager, who deserves the ultimate success in his industry.

    I have other properties that I want it rented; without a doubt, every transaction will be done with AL from Airhost Management.

  31. Kelvin Wong

    Finally, a property management company that actually listens and cares. I recently switched over to Airhost Management to help me manage my residential property in Hamilton. I have to say it has been night and day from the previous management company I was dealing with. AL has been outstanding in all aspects of the transition, I can’t praise enough. I can now sleep comfortably at night knowing my investment is in excellent hands. My tenants/guests are happy and I am not having to micro-manage anymore which allows me more time for my family. Thank you, AL and Airhost Management Group.

  32. Avneet Mcbride

    I am a landlord and I’ve been working with Aihost Management since 2019. It has been a great experience. Recently, my tenants moved out, and there were some problems with the unit, but property manager AL was so incredibly helpful and diligent about repairs and maintenance. I never expected the service to be this incredible. I don’t have enough kind things to say about him, really, especially since I have moved abroad and couldn’t do this stuff myself. If you’re thinking about renting out a unit with them (or even FROM them), I highly recommend their services. Thank you, AL and Prayas. You’re lifesavers!

  33. Liyah Chaney

    I absolutely without a doubt am extremely happy with Airhost Management!
    AL and Prayas are 100 percent dedicated to serving their clients. They are so trustworthy…They have always been there with clear and caring communication the entire time for us. We have several rental properties and this company is my first and only choice. They managed all the details before renting very quickly and efficiently and most of all they care about their clients and reputation. We are so grateful we found them. Two thumbs up!
    THANK YOU AL and Prayas!

  34. Courtney S. Dunlop

    Hands down the best choice I could make in renting my home. I was so worried about having to maintain it myself and collect the monthly payments. Airhost Management saved my life and took all the stress off my shoulders. They even put wonderful tenants in my home. Thank you so much again. I refer you to all my friends and co-workers!


    AL and his team are phenomenal. As a real estate investor, I am always looking for ways to streamline my business. Property Management was easier when I had 1 property and now that I have more than 1, I need some help. Airhost Management took the time to explain their extensive process from pricing the rent, photos, finding the right tenant, repairs, collecting rents, and distributing payments. They are definitely going to be saving me time and headaches so I can focus on getting more deals done. I am looking forward to working with you and will definitely refer you to my other real estate investor friends!

  36. Jolyon Cresswell

    I felt compelled to leave a note on the team page, due to the number of positive things that I have to say about this entire team (& highly recommend them to ANYONE for their rental property needs!). I am all about the entire “experience” when making a vacation home as a rental property, as well as feeling comfortable (especially as a first-time homeowner), and boy are they the perfect mix of both of these things (as well as professionalism), from start to finish! After getting to know the team, you almost feel like they are family. AL, director of operations, and Prayas- manage the tenants’ bookings, were both extremely amazing and helpful in answering any questions I had. I must note also – AL and Prayas marketing skills and creativity ) is unparalleled – check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

  37. Letitia Dougherty

    When you work with a company that exceeds your expectations with great service and terrific follow-through, you want to let folks know about it! This has been my experience with Airhost Management. With a rental property and no time to manage it myself, I researched managers and came across Airhost (along with a few flaky others I interviewed). From my first contact, Airhost Management impressed me, and during our year of working together, the team never failed to maintain its high level of service, responsiveness, and great sage advice. If you have a rental property and want to take your hands off the wheel while still being kept fully abreast of your property, AIRHOST MANAGEMENT is your team.​

  38. Ronny Rutledge

    If you are looking for the best, look no further. AL and Airhost Management have been managing my rental property transactions. AL is a true professional who understands all the ins and outs of the business. AL and Prayas are intelligent, personable, ethical, and extremely hardworking. A+++

  39. Caitlyn W. Shepherd

    I have had my vacation rental property managed by Airhost Management and the results have exceeded my expectations. They have done a great job keeping the place booked through the busy and slow seasons. I recently visited the property for the first time in 6 months to find it was in great shape other than some normal wear and tear you would expect, and I am confident Airhost Management will continue to maintain the property to my standards. Special shout-out to AL who, since joining the team, has really been extremely engaging in making sure any concerns of ours are received and followed up.
    If you are considering renting your property as a short term vacation rental, I would recommend Airhost Services with confidence that you can leave your property with them and be happy with the results.

  40. Dean Sanders

    Airhost Management helped me and my sister to manage our vacation home. AL and Prayas are always responsive and do great work, we been using then for a year now and no problems at all. Great work guys!

  41. Abdur Burton-Clay

    Al is the most professional I’ve ever dealt with. He truly cares about any situations I’ve ever had within minutes he gets back to you and within the day. They get the issue resolved. They are responsive and reachable by email, phone, or in person. They went the extra mile when I had an issue with a deposit refund check and so on. Thanks Airhost Team!

  42. Ayana Spencer

    I’ve been using Airhost management for one of my apartments going on for a year now. I was a bit skeptical at first since they’re not the largest or well known, but what they lack in size, they make up for in quality.

    For me, quality means:
    – Keeping my fees down
    – Keeping my tenant happy
    – Quickly responding to support calls
    – Solid end-of-year reporting
    – Easy to work with

    In all the above categories, AIRHOST MANAGEMENT gets my 5-stars.

  43. Sandra Villarreal

    I have had nothing but a positive experience from Airhost Management. Every call is answered and emails are replied to as soon as possible. The team is great to deal with. We’ve had our issues with the house but they have taken care of it very fast. If the company that was sent to come to fix the problem doesn’t show, you call them back and they get a hold of that company for you. Everything is done right and by the books here. Not one person in this company is bad and not one person is rude. This is one Property Management Company I would highly recommend for people to rent from as well as use to rent out their homes. As long as you’re upfront with them and tell them your problems they will work with you. It’s not one-sided… if you have a problem, Make sure you contact them asap. Keep up the awesome job Airhost Management Team!

  44. Jaidon Patterson

    Airhost Management is an excellent choice. In particular, AL the founder is easily accessible, has excellent communication skills, and is constantly working to fill your property and ensure your success. I’ve been very impressed!


    Due to COVID-19, I was trying to find the best way to promote my rental property VIRTUALLY and found Airhost Management. Al responded and provided the quote and scheduled the photoshoot right away. Excellent customer service and great price! Other companies didn’t respond for a few days or gave me a higher price. I highly recommend this company! Thank you, AL!

  46. Halle Snyder

    I needed help getting my mother’s house rented out and did some research to get some insight on how to get all this done. Within 10 minutes I had a reply from Airhost Management! We scheduled a call almost immediately and AL called me and we discussed all the details in how to go about it and he was extremely honest. He didn’t try to force me into anything but his recommendations were great. There was excellent communication all around and I knew where I was in the process at every step. Extremely professional at what he does!Airhost Management is great.plain and simple


    AL is synonymous with excellence! He is truly a diamond in the rough. Renting your precious home for the short term, it can be very difficult to find other qualified property managers to work with. AL is a very caring individual who is all about helping owners like me as a person while being professional. He really knows Ontario’s market. Thanks for all the professionalism and your tremendous help to us. I would highly recommend Airhost Management to anyone and everyone I come across who is looking to rent their property.

  48. Osman Fritz

    The team at Airhost Management has been amazing to deal with and have gone above and beyond expectations to look after me and my property. Al and Prayas in particular are very organized and responsive and offer exceptional service at a reasonable price. Not only did PMT recently find me, excellent tenants, but they have also handled all issues effectively and kept in regular contact. If you are a landlord or tenant needing assistance you are in good hands with Airhost Management Team!

  49. Ember Finch

    I have owned a property in Toronto ON for a couple of years. I tried to manage to rent it out by myself, big disaster…and then hired an unqualified agent to manage it, even worse experience……

    Last year, before I return to my home country to retire, I decided to find a professional property management company to take care of my five-bedroom. I called and talked to 3 different companies, finally the professionalism from Airhost Management—Albert impressed me the most. His knowledge and confidence made me determined to give my keys and trust to him to carry on with the process, not to mention the huge discount for the first year management fee.

    I am happy that my instinct was right—-their service was truly beyond my expectation. Because of the time difference, and difficulty communicating from overseas, the only way to communicate with clockwork is through email, and an occasional phone call. But AL and PRAYAS are trying their best to help me solve all the problems and issues arises. From property tax to HOA fees payment, from all the bills and maintenance, once it was set up, they were all taken care of by the staff. Every month the monthly distribution email popped up in my email on the same day. I have pretty much nothing to worry about now.

    During this difficult time of COVID 19 pandemics, I feel blessed to have Airhost Management. I really hope their management team could see my comment, to feel my appreciation from my deep inside.

    Finally, from my experience, I have some suggestions to share: Don’t just take others’ words when it comes to finding a property management company. Always talk to a few and compare professionalism, rate, and service. Not only over the phone, but face to face is also always better, even pay a visit to their company. Trust your own instinct. In my case, AIRHOSR MANAGEMENT wins my heart.

  50. Adelle Blankenship

    I’ve been working with Airhost Management for several years now and appreciate the overall service this property management provides. Whether its a service call from the tenant, leasing a unit, or a ground-up construction job- Air host Management has the resources and capacity to manage each need respectfully and expeditiously. Id adds that over the years, I’ve been able to obtain rental properties and in doing so, I contract with Airhost Team every time. The Team members certainty know his/her job function well and in turn hold each other accountable- Always a good experience.

  51. Grant Peay

    AL at Airhost Management is extremely responsive, willing to work with our circumstances and timelines, and overall very professional and competitive in his products and services. Although it’s probably not good for him for me to say this, he is known to personally go out of his way even on weekends. Not like companies where you only get a voicemail when you call, even during the week. Recommend if you want services with a personal touch.

  52. Aeryn Mckinney

    AL and his team are absolutely amazing! I had the most positive experience working with them on my home improvement up to setting my property in Airbnb, HomeAway, bookings.com and the like – absolutely an end to end process for your Home Rental needs. They are extremely friendly, knowledgeable, communicative, and have really streamlined everything. All are on track which is especially helpful given the current lockdown and social distancing requirements.

    When they say they’re open 24/7, they truly mean it! Anytime I had a question, AL was a text or phone call away- available almost instantly. I will be and have been, recommending Airhost Management to my friends and colleagues. Hands down, the best in the biz!

  53. Matilda Cardenas

    I was recently relocated for work and had less than a month to tie things up in Ontario. I was determined not to use a property manager until I met with AL , Prayas and the rest of the team. They just made everything easy. They know their stuff and do a great job. Working with them was truly the least stressful part of relocating. Staging, photography, negotiations, reference checks, and even some needed repairs have been completely painless. I could not have given my tenant the quality of service they do. I trust them and highly recommend them.

  54. Maldonado A.

    I was recommended to AL and his team to manage my property after I had some issues with my then property management company. In addition, I also needed a property management company that could handle my horrible tenants. Having AL and his team to manage my property was the best decision. I can’t thank them enough for guiding me through the process.

    My overall experience with AL and the Airhost Management Team is that they are highly responsible and very easy to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any of my friends.

  55. Szymon A. Watts

    Excellent service from day 1!

    Prior to working with Al and the Airhost Management team, we had an empty home in the L’amable Ontario area that we needed to rent. We live 400 miles away, so the distance made it difficult to manage the property ourselves. And quite frankly, we are new to being landlords and we wanted to take a hands-off approach. We had no idea what to expect, so we started on web and requested for quotes from top rated and most reviewed property management companies in the Ontario.

    After speaking to almost 10 companies, we decided to work with Al and the Airhost Management because of:

    1. Service: AL was our first point of contact. He did not try to sell us. He educated us on the market, what the expectations of tenants were, anticipated timeline, etc. The Airhost Management team are great with communication and are always available to jump on a call or are quick to respond to emails. When we have questions (and we had a lot of them!), they had answers, and kept us updated in real time when necessary.

    2. Price: Airhost Management offers very competitive prices versus the competition. They do not upcharge on repairs and maintenance either. They just forward you the invoice from 3rd party repair and maintenance services.

    3. Convenience: This was very valuable to us as we live 400 miles away. We literally gave them the keys and asked them what we needed to do to get the house ready to be marketed and get some great quality tenants to enjoy it as soon as possible. They gave us a list of repairs and maintenance items that needed to be done, competitive quotes for each work order, an estimated timeline to complete the work, timeline to go to market, and timeline to fill. We reviewed and approved the work, and they took care of everything. We completed everything earlier than expected!

    Whether your needs are like ours or not, AL and the Airhost Management team can cater to your unique situation. How do we know? That was one of the first questions he asked in our initial calls — “what do you need?” And “how can we help?”

    We highly recommend Airhost Management! If interested even at the slightest bit, its worth just giving them a buzz to inquire. We look forward to working with Airhost Management for the long term.

  56. Karlee Gilbert- Brennan

    My sister and I decided to retain Airhost Management company to manage our family’s multi-unit property, and I can confidently say that it was the best decision we made with respect to the property. AL and his team are trustworthy, efficient, and responsive – what more can a landlord want from a property manager?

    Our previous PM dropped us as a client with a 2-week notice right around the Thanksgiving weekend (and I had a two-week old baby at home to take care of). Needless to say, I started to panic and contacted over a dozen of local PMs. AL was quick with his response and offered to meet me with minimal notice. Despite receiving cheaper quotes from other PMs, we decided to go with AL because of his management philosophy and straight-forward fee structure. It took AL and his team less than a week to fully take over the management of my property and set up a bank account to collect the next month’s rent after notice without a hiccup.

    Since taking over the property, Al and his team have been in constant communication with us to keep us updated on all matters relating to the property. Al’s proactive approach in identifying potential repair or tenant issues and suggesting corrective actions have been very helpful and educational. Not only is he knowledgeable and competent, but we feel like Al genuinely cares about our interest ahead of his own.

    I highly recommend Al and his team without any reservation!

  57. Emmanuel Malone

    Thank you again Airhost Management for your excellent service and knowledge.

    First and foremost, in a fast-paced environment where stress is all over the place, I love how quickly they jump on your inquiries via email and/or phone call and ease your concerns. I put my trust in this company and they made sure to leave me with reasons to refer others to them.

    My investments and property are important to me and are made in order to supplement my income. When a professional company with great ethical standards such as Airhost Management takes over, you are assured that this happens.

  58. Balraj Acevedo

    Al and Airhost Management did a phenomenal job helping me and my family lease out a rental home of ours. He was really easy to get a hold of and did what he said he was going to do. He was able to quickly meet around our schedule and get my place ready for the market. He also had great vendors that saved us some money. Al knows the market and he was proactive in scheduling showings and making sure tenants were good candidates so I knew he wasn’t missing any opportunities. I could tell he genuinely cares about my property as I do. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing help with property management. Thanks Al!

  59. Marie Mathews

    Airhost Management offered five star plus customer service from start to finish. This was my very first time renting out my place and I didn’t realize how complex the rental market has become. Luckily , AL provided me with step by step support and made the leading process so much more manageable. He provided comprehensive feedback on how to prepare our condo for viewing and even had top notch vendors for all the repairs and upgrades that allowed me to attract the ideal tenants. I highly recommend AL and his team if you are leasing your property. A+++ for professionalism and efficiency

  60. Mariam Mann

    I can’t say enough nice things about Al and Prayas, although we have never met in person. In January my mother needed a senior living facility and we decided the best thing she could do was to rent her home. No one in our family had ever rented a home before. I asked neighbors about recommendations for property management, but they had no referrals. I did an online search of the Oceanside area and found three. One did not respond, one called me back a week later, but Al responded right away. Too make a long story short, AL helped with everything in preparing the house for rental. I live two hours away and never once had to make the drive. All of this during a pandemic! I’m extremely grateful to him and his associates. Now he has found a tenant in record time. What more could anyone ask for?.

  61. Adelaide Peterson

    AL is fantastic! We had been looking at renting our home in Airbnb. AL helped us think out what we wanted in our home.

    Great communication.
    Superb follow through.
    Honest and knowledgeable.

    Thanks for the great service Airhost Management! Love the care you give to your clients. makes us feel really at home. Keep it up!

  62. Jennifer C. Hopson

    We initially hired Airhost Management for cleaning services only, but have been so pleased with their work that, once they successfully found us a new tenant, we decided to proceed with their property management services, too. From the very beginning, we found Airhost Management (especially AL) to be incredibly responsive, professional and thorough. They provided us with a lot of individual attention and time, and responded to all questions patiently, thoroughly and usually within a day. They are intuitive and gives landlords complete visibility into the entire leasing process. Their fees are also probably some of the lowest that you’ll find in the industry, being just a fraction of the cost of the average leasing agent/property management company, but you do not forgo quality for cost. They provide top notch service.We are so glad to have found Airhost Management and will be recommending them to friends and family.

  63. Gabriel Logan S.

    We relocated to another state and wanted to try and put our Barrie home up for rent. We were nervous and afraid of the process as we’ve never rented out property before. AL & Prayas immediately put us at ease the minute we spoke with them. Besides all the accolades pointing to their expertise and professionalism (which I 1000% agree with), they also exude a warmth that you can feel even over the phone. They treat you like family because that’s how they view each of their clients.
    A week and a half after contacting Airhost Management, our house was under contract! This is when you experience the amazing service -AL and Pryas will take over everything that needs to be done to get your house ready for your new tenants, from a deep cleaning to replacing worn out appliances – they will take care of it. They have a repair crew that is competent and reasonably priced. Communication is constant and detailed so you never have to wonder what’s going on at your property. I HIGHLY recommend Airhost Management for all your property management needs. Don’t hesitate!

  64. Carson George

    They are an outstanding team of professionals who provide excellent service and support in property management! I would recommend them to anyone who has properties either residential or commercial they get the job done!

  65. Josie Altman

    Amazing service and professionalism from the entire team at Airhost Management. Special thanks to AL and Prayas for the help in managing my property for the last year.

  66. James S. Silva

    AL and his team are fabulous! I’ve worked with other property management companies in the past and AIRHOST MANAGEMENT is the best. They are very professional and responsive on every issue. This is a great company and I don’t regret making the change.

  67. Meghan Calvert- Tyler

    AL and Airhost Management has been an incredible experience as a landlord! My husband and I couldn’t be so thankful to have Al and his team to help us find the most reliable and responsible tenants and assuring us to not worry about our property.. The past 11 months has been amazing! Thank you so much AL and Airhost Property Management!!

  68. James J. Cummins

    Aihost Management has been so professional, friendly and helpful every step of the way! Following up with me on possible tenants and their circumstances and updating me promptly. Answering any questions I have. I decided to change property management and I’m so very glad I did. I would highly recommend the Airhost Management team to take care of you and your property!

  69. Noel Hackett V

    I recently began working with Airhost Management and what a great choice to transition. Previously, I’ve had the same company manage my rental home in Ontario for years, but the quality of service kept going down, while the cost kept going up. I asked around and a coworker told me about Airhost Management

    They’ve been excellent! Fast, clear responses and proactive outreach, great with following up on issues the tenants may have… and at a more fair price than what I was paying before.

    I 100% recommend Airhost Management to anyone looking for a residential property management company.

  70. Brady Fenetry

    In my search to find a Property Management Company I am happy I came across Airhost Management. They understand the demands of the rental market and their attention to detail is phenomenal. I highly recommend working with them for all of your property management needs.

  71. Flossie Zemlak

    Airhost Management has been my go to property manager. AL and his team are beyond professional, detail oriented and truly care about the work that they do. I highly recommend Airhost Management!

  72. Aaliyah Ryan

    I own a property in Innisfil, and had to rent it out due to deployment. I had no idea where to start, I looked up property management companies and Airhost Management came up with great reviews. After contacting the office and speaking with AL, I felt confident this was the company for me. Al was so knowledgeable and extremely nice, he was able to answer all my questions and was so easy to reach every time I called. He came to my property, gave me a free assessment and within a few days he had my property listed. Al was able to find me a great tenant and has taken care of any issues that have come up! I highly recommend this company, they have been a great help!.

  73. Cooper Jacobi

    Al at Airhost Management is extremely responsive, willing to work with our circumstances and timelines, and overall very professional and competitive in his products and services. Although it’s probably not good for him for me to say this, but he is known to personally go out of his way even on weekends. Not like companies where you only get a voicemail when you call, even during the week. Recommend if you want services with a personal touch.

  74. Henry Calder

    AL at Airhost Management does an exceptional job as our property management company. He has been helping manage our house for over a year now.
    All of our issues are addressed immediately and Prayas responds quickly to all communications and concerns.
    Also, Airhost Management is consistently provided with the latest updates and any ways we can save money. I
    highly recommend Albert and the Airhost Management!

  75. MadisonMcCain

    I feel so lucky that I found Airhost Property Management to manage my family’s rental property. They did a great job prepping the home for rent and found amazing tenants super fast. If you’re looking to hire a professional property manager, look no further then Al and his team.

  76. Emerson Glen

    We have been extremely please with the exceptional service by Airhost Property Management. After self managing for several years and trying other management companies. It was a relief to have our homes in safe hands. Their response times to issues are quick and services are extremely reliable. Al has far exceeded our expectations and his professionalism is second to none!He’s prompt, pays attention to details and is always there when issues arise.

  77. Reese Clarkson

    I used Airhost Management to lease my property and I’m extremely impressed with their service. They handled each step of the process efficiently and with expertise. They understood my requirements responded to all of my e-mails, organized property tours, and even handled all the intricacies. They are a great team that takes pride in taking care of their clients. Highly recommended!

  78. Landon W. Baker

    I had great experiences with AL and his team members. They helped me to manage my property down in Barrie ON. My house was rented after 15 days posted up online. During the rental period, AL and his team performed a great job communicating with me and informed me all the news. I feel very fortunate to have such a enthusiastic and helpful property manager like Airhost Management. Thank you very much.

    I definitely highly recommend you to have AL to help you manage your property.

  79. Sebastian Sim

    My wife and I searched diligently for the right property management company. We interviewed around 3 companies but Al from Airhost Management stood out. He took the time to actually meet with us at our first investment property, give us an assessment, and answer all of our questions. It’s been two years now since he took over the property. We could not be happier. Her vendors are charging lower prices and are 12 hours away from anything that needs fixing. We are in the process of buying another multi-family building and have already hired AL to manage as well. Thank you again, AL for your great service.

  80. Timothy S. Grant

    I am a large scale property manager and live in Toronto. I personally manage over 100 units. My wife has a house in Barrie that the tenant moved out without notice. Neither she nor I could manage the property. After a look on the web I found Airhost Management and spoke with AL. He took care of everything, The cleanout, all the repairs, unit marketing, application, terms negotiation and move in. We are so happy with his service. In that I am in the business I am super impressed with the total job AL did. He sets the standard for the way to manage property. Thank you Al!

  81. Rory Douglas

    Al and his team at Airhost Management have been outstanding property managers for me for many years. They are always prompt in responding to my calls and emails and are on top of any maintenance issues that have come up. Their expertise in leasing and handling any tenant issues have saved me time and money. They are honest, detailed, and reliable. I wanted to write this review in appreciation of all they have done for me over the years and highly recommend their services to anyone who is looking to hire a property management company.

  82. Wendelin Emiel

    Airhost management is amazing! I can’t say enough about Al and Prayas and their commitment to their clients. They are wise, friendly, and very clear and prompt communicators. My rental is not an easy situation, and they have been so gracious and helpful , building manager, and repair people at my unit. I am so glad I hired them to help me manage my property and look forward to a continued relationship with them. I highly recommend their services.

  83. Mya Glen

    As an owner of a house in Barrie Ontario, I have recently hired Al to manage my property. I have been very impressed with his responsiveness, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, diligence and expertise. We are in a tough situation with a tenant and he is going above and beyond to sort everything ASAP. he’s just on the ball. I really believe I couldn’t have chosen better and pray nothing changes. I’ve had another Ontario property manager and shopped around – the fees are competitive and his work ethic is unparalleled. If we were to sell the property, we would also likely use Airhost Management. He is a rare gem in a very crowded and somewhat confusing market of property manager.

  84. Soren Roberts

    Al has been a great property manager. He has done a great job making sure the income property is running well. He is quick with communication and found a wonderful tenant. Would highly recommend!

  85. Dominic Tillsley

    Ten stars, Airhost Management. We are thrilled this happened so fast and so incredibly easily. We knew you were in our life for a reason last year, despite the rotten time we all had with the difficult renter.

    I especially like your method of automatically letting me know every day who was coming to rent the house, even down to the timeframe. You pivoted during the coronavirus immediately so potential renters were able to see the property without endangering themselves or your team by personal contact. And the excellent detailed information on each applicant was so appreciated. You are the master of transparency.
    We look forward to working together for many years ahead.
    With great appreciation!

  86. Mackenzie Grant

    I have only great things to say about Al. I received the best service possible as a property owner. We’re super happy and he is on top of things, very compassionate, when issues arise, and as fair as you can wish for as a service provider. Highly recommend him and Airhost Management Team.

  87. Lennon Timbrell- Baker

    I had such a great experience working with Al at Airhost Management that I was compelled to write a review. Al was such awesome! To rent your apartment during the pandemic was particularly stressful and presented unique challenges. Al was communicative and helpful throughout the entire process. He thoughtfully answered all of my questions about the listing and was so kind and professional in person.

    5 stars to Al at Airhost Management.

  88. Theodore Todd

    Albert was really easy to work with and very responsive. Never got frustrated when I asked a million questions. He always took care of any issues right away and I have nothing but good things to say about his company. It was just nice to deal with someone who actually cared about the property owner and my tenants and followed through with things. Thanks Al!

  89. Nicholas Bondar

    I am not cut out for property management. I’m a bleeding heart, I don’t like confrontation, and I don’t know anything about home maintenance. I was so happy to hand over our home to Airhost Management . The team at Airhost Management is on top of their game! They are very responsive by email and phone. They follow up without me having to reach back out to them. It is apparent they take pride in their work and working relationships.

    We asked them to help us start a lease for tenants already on the property under less than ideal circumstances. (Did I mention I don’t know what I’m doing?). The team got the tenants on the lease, handled disputes, facilitated repairs, and saved my sanity!
    Wishing you all the best!

  90. Esther Aceron

    I had such a great experience working with Prayas at Airhost Management that I was compelled to write a review. Prayas was such an awesome agent. Airhost Management Team was communicative and helpful throughout the entire process during the pandemic which was particularly stressful and presented unique challenges. They thoughtfully answered all of my questions about the listing and was so kind and professional in person.

    5 stars to Airhost Property Management!

  91. Rose Watson

    Airhost Property Management staff is professional and efficient. Albert did the initial site inspection. He was low key and very knowledgeable. He did a cursory glance of my property and pointed out a few issues that we needed to address before putting the property on the rental market. As a first time landlord, I know professionals are managing my property. Their online property management program is state of the art. The staff’s quick response to my inquiries is old fashioned excellent customer service.

  92. Angela Irving

    I set it up my rental listing on Airhost Management and immediately started receiving interest from all of the popular rental sites. The tenants applied through Airhost Management, did the walkthrough and signed the lease through Airhost Management, and they pay their rent automatically through Airhost Management. Airhost Management has gotten me to a point where the property management is completely hands-off, and my tenants are happy with it also!

  93. Durward Tillman II

    I have been using Airhost Management as a landlord for 4 months now. They are responsive, professional and easy to work with. They helped me place a tenant VERY fast. I love the dashboard interaction. Great work, Airhost Management and team!

  94. Carrie Faye

    Thank you Albert and team for all your hard work to upgrade and include the our beloved home to the listing. You knew it was not just a house to us and you handled the everything with the utmost professionalism. My husband is in the construction business and knows a lot of real estate agents, but we picked you because we knew we’d be in great hands. We were right!

  95. Sophie Gesner

    Wow! So impressed working with Al and the other staff. I cannot wait to rent out my next property and Airhost Team will manage it again for me! Everything was done in a timely manner and they were always around to answer any question I had. I highly recommend them to anyone.

    Update: Nothing but great things to say about these people. They are a very professional and compassionate company and working with them was truly a pleasure.

  96. Rory Bell

    Albert rocks!

    He has been our property manager for past 2 years and it has been a great & refreshing experience working with AL especially his responsiveness, transparency, professionalism and reliability.

  97. Holly Granholm

    Al is a great property manager. He is very professional and calm and collected, great attitude. He is looking after our single family home in Hamilton and has taken care of anything that came up (repairs, issues, etc.) with a zen like attitude. He is always on top of things. Because of his services we were able to adjust in a new country with a toddler in a much easier way, not worrying too much about what was happening in our Hamilton house. So if you want peace of mind and very professional service, give Al a call right away. Overall, we are very grateful we went with Al and hope our good luck with the renters and the house continues.

  98. Allison Doyle

    Al is an excellent property manager. He has been very helpful in managing our rental property in Barrie. He was very helpful in getting our property set up for listing and finding a tenant very quickly. He also addressed all of the tenant’s concern quickly. I would definitely recommend Al to anyone looking for property manager.

  99. Abel Symons

    EXCEPTIONAL! That’s how I would describe the service I received working with Albert and his associate Prayas. They went above and beyond in not only helping me have the revenue for the property but made sure everything was done to the highest possible standards. you can’t go wrong with Airhost Management Team.

  100. Drew Williams

    I have had the pleasure of working with Al more than once now. When you are looking for somebody to help you with one of the biggest and most important investments and decisions you will make you need a man like Al next to you, helping you with all the details that you don’t even know you need help with yet. You will be glad you found an ethical professional like ALbert. And then you will be back here writing a glowing review too! Here is to a fantastic New Year, thank you Al for all you do.

  101. Margaret Newton S.

    Al is the best property manager I have ever come across!! He will do everything and anything in his power to give you what you want/need. He is wonderful at communication. And best of all he listens! He listens to your needs. He fulfills the need for sure! I can’t say/SPEAK enough about Al. Thank you so much.

  102. Idella Shanahan

    Airhost Property Management was so prompt at communicating responses and was very transparent throughout the entire process of getting our leases signed. And when I was out of the country, they went truly above and beyond to help us coordinate with our homeowner’s association. I cannot recommend enough!!

  103. Dr. Cole Bergnaum DDS

    Albert and Prayas got my place rented super quickly!!! I’ve never been a landlord, so the whole experience of tenant placement seemed really overwhelming. I called Albert and he had a professional photographer there the next day and my studio posted on several sites within 24 hours! I asked a million questions throughout the process, and Al was always quick, clear, and concise will every response. I felt like he had my best interest in mind the whole way through. The on-demand viewings were really convenient, too.

    Thank you so much Albert for helping me to find great tenants!!!

  104. Hannah Glover

    Airhost Property Management recently began managing our apartment complex. I am glad they have.

    The staff is professional. They are responsive and responsible. They answer and return phone calls right away. They care about their tenant’s concerns. The staff are kind. Although this is not a necessity in residential management, it may well help on the road to success.

    I greatly appreciate Airhost Property Management. I recommend their services. Thank you.

  105. Dorian Armitage

    Al’s team swung into action with their well-honed, get-ready process. In just over a week, the team executed a set of value-focused renovations that transformed an ordinary ranch-style home into a showplace. Al’s patient and deft negotiation skills came into play when we received multiple offers well over list price — we couldn’t be happier with the results. Thank you Al and team!

  106. Brianne Hackett III

    I’ve had my condo in Barrie with Airhost Property Management for over a year now. I can’t begin to express my confidence in this company and the outstanding manner in which Al has managed my home with renters. Prior to hiring them, I managed my own home for 3 years….it was the most stressful 3 years of my life with all the normal BS a landlord encounters with tenants including a lawsuit.
    I believe the fees and costs of having Airhost Property Management are completely valuable and worth every penny. My life is stress-free now and THAT is priceless.

  107. Corine Adams IV

    My client worked with Albert for the last 2 years. Al managed my client’s portfolio of rental properties. He did a tremendous job keeping them rented, rehabbing the ones needing repairs, and always, always found ways to keep the costs as low as possible and repairs moving rapidly.

  108. Adrien Kuhic

    Albert was awesome to work with and was always there when we had questions or concerns and being that we lived across the ocean during the process it was helpful for us with the time difference. We will always refer Airhost Property Management to others that are looking for a fantastic property manager. Thanks for everything Al!

  109. Stanford Weber

    The team at Airhost Management is highly recommended! They are great in handling responses quickly and efficiently. They’ve been great at communicating with me and managing my property while I am out of the country. If I have any questions, they are immediately acknowledged and taken care of. It gives me a great sense of comfort knowing they are professionally managing my rental.

  110. Dell Lind

    The Airhost Management Team treats you like family. They put your interests first and always go above and beyond for you. We are grateful for Albert and the service he provided for us and will continue to recommend her to our family and friends.

  111. Sheridan Klein Sr.

    We’ve used Airhost Property Management as our Property Managers for a few years now, and we couldn’t be happier! Al, Prayas, Ben, and the rest of the team have all gone above and beyond for us.

    We would definitely recommend Airhost Management for any Property Management needs.

  112. Kiera Philips

    If you are seeking a management company for your investment property, either single or multifamily, I highly recommend AL and his team at Airhost Management. They are incredibly knowledgeable of the Ontario market and rental rates, have strong vendor relationships, and use the most sophisticated property management tools to ensure your property remains fully occupied. Both Al and Prayas are excellent people to work with, I value their honesty and transparency as well as their staff of attentive managers.

  113. Kyle Timbrell- Clarkson

    If you are seeking a management company for your investment property, I highly recommend Al and his team at Keyrenter. The Toronto property management team is incredibly knowledgeable about the real estate market and is also able to provide additional services such as broker commission. Both Albert and Prayas are excellent people to work with, I value their honesty and transparency.

  114. Sandra J. Culp

    Found the Airhost Management team through a friend in LA that is also working with them. Was hesitant to pay a large management fee, but loved AL’s turnkey rental solution. He took my keys from the closing table once I bought the house, had his crew rehab it, and put tenants in. I sat in a different states and got photos of the progress. Never had to lift a finger.

  115. Dorian K. Chism

    This review is slightly delayed due to COVID19, however, I think that it is an important review at all. I posted my apartment through Kijiji and was connected to Albert who was extremely helpful in the entire process. I wish every business was as good as Al. The level of customer service he provided, friendliness, and how committed he was to meet my needs were all exceptional.

  116. Wellington Reichert

    I have already recommended them to my neighbors and friends. So I have no hesitation in recommending it to you. If you need property management to manage your rental units, vacant property, or vacation houses, and the like you’re not going to find a better group of people to help you get what you want and help you through the process.Thank You Airhost Management Team.

  117. Daniel Harris

    Al and his team were A+. Nick was quick to respond to my call. After a phone call on what I was looking for he assigned me to Ben who was excellent!I was so pleased to work with this team. thank you for helping me throughout the entire process.

  118. Julie F. Kuhic

    It’s amazing.
    Simply the best one.
    What a great company and a great team. They’re the best at what they’re doing. We had a wonderful time with the Airhost Management Team and the owner was 5 STAR.

  119. Willie V. Herring

    I had to use a property management company; however, living out of state made it the logical decision. Furthermore, “Peace of Mind” really made it a piece of cake. From the beginning, the team got the ball rolling and took charge (even before the renovation of the property was complete).
    Melissa and her team are great experts in property management and marketing of rental properties/properties.

  120. Lewis L. Bear

    Al & The Staff were great to work with. Very professional, took care of any issues quickly, always responded to questions. I strongly recommend their company.

  121. Vanessa Fassbinder

    I met Al, the owner of the company, and I’m excited to work with him. He is courteous and professional, and he communicates clearly, which is very important to me. He consistently goes above and beyond for his colleagues and provides a valuable service. I wish him the best of luck as he grows his company in the city, and I’m sure they’ll keep hitting it out of the park!

  122. Poppy Raff

    Love working with the team at Airhost Property Management . During the challenges of the present Covid times, we felt strongly supported. Al, Prayas and the team are highly recommended.

  123. Janina Feierabend

    From the beginning, Al was fantastic! he was approachable, adaptable, and quick to react. he made the whole process simple and enjoyable. Thank you Al and Airhost Management Team

  124. Silke Bosch

    Al has been managing my sister’s property since 2019. He responds to emails immediately. Always solving the issues in timely manner. He is very pleasant to work with. It is worthwhile to pay for the quality service. I definitely recommend Al from Airhost Management.

  125. Vanessa Holzman

    Al was in charge of finding us a fantastic tenant twice! He also managed a delicate situation with our tenant’s family. He took care of everything: the rental agreement, deposits (there are rules on how those are done! ), inspections (which he sent us pictures of for added peace of mind! ) and renewing the contract.

    I can’t say enough about how much I enjoy working with Airhost Management Team. What we spent with Al managing our property was ABSOLUTELY worth every single penny (and his rates are pretty standard). If you’re going to pay for it at all, why not get the best?

  126. August M. Jacobsen

    Albert goes above and beyond what your average management company provides, and I believe it’s mostly because he’s a nice guy, but it’s his attention to detail and follow-through that really counts. He has been extremely helpful to us even before we signed up with them, making several excellent suggestions to ensure that our property is ready for long-term rental and that our financial asset is protected.

  127. David Knight

    Al and Prayas have always been very responsive and helpful in resolving the issue at hand. Airhost Property Management has a very simple payment system, excellent maintenance, and excellent communication. I’d recommend using them both as a landlord and as a tenant.

  128. Jana Koehler

    We were cautious when it came to selecting the best property management company for our rental. We had to go over a few different options before settling on Airhost Property Management. The hesitation was unnecessary because AL and the rest of his team, including Prayas, Ben, have all done an outstanding job thus far. AL went above and beyond to assist us before our tenants moved in, so he deserves special mention.

    From the start, the presentation was very professional. It was clear what we needed to do to prepare the property, and the out-of-pocket expenses we only had to pay before our tenants moved in were very reasonable. We had been quoted too high by another company and almost finagled by others, so Airhost Property Management did an excellent job of staying within reasonable expectations and being the solid choice on which we could rely.
    Thank you so very much Airhost Management Team!!

  129. Zachary Cooke Gallagher

    I am a realtor who has represented clients in dozens of leases. Al and Prayas at Airhost Property Management was by far the BEST I’ve had the pleasure of working with, and I know my clients are as well. They are communicative, on time, and extremely helpful.

  130. Stefanie Fuhrmann

    Al has been managing our Windsor condo since we decided to sell it. Prior to leasing, we had a list of upgrades we wanted to make, and Al’s team took care of them with prompt attention and quality workmanship. The estimates we received and the final costs were exactly the same. Tenants were found within 72 hours and their leases were renewed.

    As owners, we value Airhost Management’s prompt communication, both in response to inquiries and in advance about issues such as year-end financials. Owners have access to all financial information online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our tenants had one clogged drain problem, which was quickly resolved; our cost was a typical plumbing expense.

    Tom gives us peace of mind and handles the details. It’s exactly what we hoped for when we hired a property manager.

  131. Katja Bergmann

    Al has been managing our Windsor condo since we decided to sell it. Prior to leasing, we had a list of upgrades we wanted to make, and Al’s team took care of them with prompt attention and quality workmanship. The estimates we received and the final costs were exactly the same. Tenants were found within 72 hours and their leases were renewed.

    As owners, we value Airhost Management’s prompt communication, both in response to inquiries and in advance about issues such as year-end financials. Our tenants had one clogged drain problem, which was quickly resolved; our cost was a typical plumbing expense.
    Al gives us peace of mind and handles all of the details. It’s exactly what we hoped for when we hired a property manager.

  132. Bud K. Pelley

    Because of Al, I get a good night’s sleep. We are out-of-state property owners. Al is in charge of our property. He is communicative, detailed, and quick to respond. A fantastic professional

  133. Killian Boyle

    For the past two years, Airhost Management has helped me manage my properties.
    When compared to other companies, they provided the most information. The team was fantastic at explaining the pros and cons and assisting me in achieving the right balance of coverage for my rental property.
    Furthermore, the incredibly quick responses to all of my requests were greatly appreciated. Thank you Airhost Management Team!

  134. Gunner H. Nelson

    I was a one of the owners of Barrie for 2 years and I had no issues with the staff or any of the Airhost staff I dealt with Even in difficult situations, such as when the tenant was constantly causing a disturbance, I found them to be calm and courteous. It is well-mannered of Prayas and the team treats my property as its own! I had a great time with AirHost Property Management and I’d strongly recommend using them to take care of your rental property.

  135. Reese Zimmer- Chamber

    Ben and Prayas from Airhost have been incredible!! We required a management pack quickly. Ben was prompt and efficient, keeping me informed throughout. He kept his word and even had everything sent and ready before the deadline. He has been extremely professional and a joy to work with. He is unquestionably a valuable asset to Airhost Management. Many thanks, Ben.

  136. Gaël Ninette Adam

    I worked with Al and his team at Airhost Management to find a tenant for my rental property. Airhost Management Team was able to find and place a well-qualified tenant within one week of posting!! Prayas and teh team were a pleasure to work with; they are professional and quick to respond.They did an excellent job of guiding me through the process, making it simple to understand and trust. The entire procedure went off without a hitch.

  137. Abraham Torbjørg Paulsen

    We recently chose to use Airhost Property Management as a resource for us when it comes to our rental property. The team was quick to respond, extremely helpful, and very knowledgeable. The have still consistently delivered what I thought they would, as demonstrated time and time again. They should be high on the list of recommendations.

  138. Amanda Eland

    To begin, as a first-time landlord, it was a pleasure to work with a company like Airhost Management, and even more enjoyable was getting to know Ben, who made the process easier for me as a first-time landlord. This is a note of appreciation to everyone at Airhost Management, as well as to Ben, whom I regard as a wonderful gift. Many thanks!

  139. Aurélie Leblanc

    Al and his team provided the utmost support throughout the extremely difficult process of renting my home during a divorce and pandemic. Al walked me through each step and was always available by phone. Their market knowledge, negotiation skills, and ability to work with difficult people are extraordinary.

  140. Kerry B. Mabry

    From the beginning of your search for a property manager to assist you in managing your property and defining what you want, to the moment someone hands you the keys, you will be grateful that you found an ethical professional such as Albert of Airhost Property Management to help you. Also, be prepared to return to this site and write an excellent testimonial!

  141. Chris

    The entire team is the very pinnacle of professionalism. A special mention for Al, his dedication to our little project made things super easy. They took care of listings, competition and market strategy to get things off the ground. As a first time landlord, letting my property into business I was completely satisfied. Recommended!

  142. Ruth Knight

    The services provided by the company are top notch. What I found extremely beneficial in my case was how the team curated the entire property for letting out. The title, the listing and attention to the finer details was just amazing. The team at Airhost Management managed to get me bookings so quickly and they just keep on coming now. It has been an extream pleasure to work with Al and his team. Great job!

  143. Gabriel

    The kind of experience you get with these guys is phenomenal, not only do they work with targeted results but also in general customer satisfaction. I have just started out with one tiny property, but these guys gave me all the personal attention they probably would give to someone driving huge business their way. I was impressed with the personal touch they lend via great communication from their end. Good going!

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