B. Package 2 – 1 month “Trial” Co-Hosting & Management

(299 customer reviews)




  • Setup of new Short-Term Rental on Airbnb. This professionally designed listing will have the right combinations of keywords to rank higher in search results in your area
  • Writing the listing description, editing and uploading photos, picking the best booking settings, research pricing and even checking off the amenities.
  • Custom templates for high-quality and consistent communication with guests
  • 30 days of Starhost co-hosting to legitimize and make your listing more attractive to potential guests….This will show the “Starhost” status and logo at the top of your listing when guests are viewing the page
  • 5 day targeted Facebook ad to drive traffic to your listing!

299 reviews for B. Package 2 – 1 month “Trial” Co-Hosting & Management

  1. Logan Z.

    I have worked with multiple apartments locating companies over the years, and I usually end up doing most of what I’d like them to be doing.

  2. William

    They wrote the best description and made the best settings for my booking

  3. Zack

    In just one month of trial, my new house was in the top seven of air BnB listing… more traffic on my listing with decent and professional clients.

  4. Kevin Robinson

    Very helpful for the ones who are new to Airbnb. Great!

  5. Owen

    Perfect stay in 5 AirBnB entire house/apartments in Canada, providing cheap management services. Great!

  6. Sophia

    We loved how easy the process was with air host and how transparent, helpful, and genuine the people assisting us were!

  7. Marie P

    They developed my business. … they did everything. They are best to host in town.
    Thanks to Airhost services.

  8. Wyatt

    I feel like the company really does try hard to be the best, and takes moves to constantly improve. They are the safest out there, and I like hosting as well as traveling using the site. You get to meet cool people and stay in interesting places.

  9. Jaxon Andrew

    Go stay here. The owners are so friendly, nice and sweet. The house is beautiful, feels warm, clean and smells delicious!!!

  10. Barry Lee

    Airhost works hard to make sure hosts and guests are treated with respect. Airhost’s standards are based on five criteria: safety, security, fairness authenticity and reliability. Customer support is there to make sure you have a great experience.

  11. Derek marely

    I feel like the company really does try hard to be the best, and takes moves to constantly improve. They are the safest out there, and I like hosting as well as travelling using the site. You get to meet cool people and stay in interesting places

  12. Coco Fennell

    I have been working with Oliver and his team for about 3 months and they have been fantastic. I haven’t had to think about anything, they have organised everything and nothing has been too big an ask. It has really taken the headache out of renting a property on Airbnb and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

  13. Evdokia Pappa

    Being away with work, Airhost Management has proved to be the best solution for me as I wanted to Airbnb my condo in Oshawa. They take bookings 24/7, communicate with the guests, welcome them and even look after the home after they have left. They are also very good in communicating frequently and efficiently with the host and deal with any issues that may come up during the guests’ stay. I recommend their services 100%!

  14. Dave Callahan

    It is always a delight to work with any of the Staff at Airhost. They are all very professional and are always very sensitive and thorough in dealing with my property and particularly with any issues that require immediate attention.
    The online access is very together and easy to understand.

  15. Gail Bainbridge

    I am a busy business owner and was struggling to handle the bookings for my home, then I discovered Oliver and his Airhost team. Oliver has been brilliant from managing bookings to getting the laundry done and cleaning the home. I haven’t had to do anything since I enlisted the help of Airhost Management; they even sourced a heater and a throw when the weather got colder. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

  16. Benny

    What a wonderful experience we had. our host were amazing. The place was perfect and well appointed. very quick communication with questions.
    Airhost made our stay even better.

  17. Carmina Catena

    I live one week in Canada and one in the USA so I’ve been wanting to Airbnb my home but I’m away so much I definitely didn’t have time to do it. I just kept putting it off – until I found Airhost! Within 1 week of meeting Oliver my home was being let out. Within a month I’d made enough to pay my mortgage. Oliver and his team make sure my place is ready for guests and, to top it all, I always come Oliver to a clean home, clean sheets and clean towels. I’ve never even had to go online or do anything! I highly recommend Airhost. In particular because Oliver is trustworthy, responsive and professional. What’s more, the reviews from the guests are always fantastic.

  18. Matthew

    Great friendly host who went out of his way to make me feel like at home the place was spotless, did not have any issues during the booking, moving in or moving out. Would recommend for anyone, be it for a day or a week-long stay.

  19. Heineman

    Airhost’s professionalism, skill, responsiveness, and resourcefulness have far surpassed my expectations. Their interaction with guests are timely, informative, warm, and welcoming. And in addition to the impeccable and outstanding service they provide, simply a joy to work with.

  20. Temme Jesus

    Great place. Responsive hosts very nice to stay.

  21. Phillips Daniel

    Provided us with all the information we needed and showed us around. The flat is just perfect! Kitchen is compact and contains everything one needs.
    The bed is comfortable, bathroom and terrace are excellent. Location is incredible.

  22. Adriana Lopez

    Airhost Management is incredible. Very accommodating and very quick to respond with any questions. So flexible with check-in and check-out time, which was extremely helpful.

  23. Nazifa Duggan

    I was impressed with their expertise in each field as well as client communication.

  24. Ariella Mcmahon

    My family recently moved to our new place, and our community is managed by Air host management. I have contacted for different inquiries and requests, and Al always addresses my concerns and returns my emails quickly. My experience with this management is great.

  25. Cristopher Downs

    Thank you AL and Prayas for all the incredible work you did in helping us! I was continually amazed at the amount of work that you would put in to get the right research done to get the right price and then work so closely with all the clientele who came and looked at the place. Given the uniqueness of our home, it took an awful lot of dedication, working with us, and working with new customers. But in the end, all your hard work paid off and we were able to get our hit our target. Thank you so much for the care and support and the love you showed to my wife and me throughout the entire process. You are a huge blessing to us and we thank you so very very much.

  26. Edwards C.

    I highly recommend AIRHOST MANAGEMENT. Dax from Florida is efficient and always has a cost-effective approach to any problems with our rental such as plumbing and gardening. We plan to continue with this company indefinitely.

  27. Cloe Grayson

    Excellent customer service and extremely smooth rental process to have my properties included in the AirBnB Listing. I completed the process ALL online without having to spend so much time in person. This may not be for everybody, but for a busy professional like me who embraces technology, this was a major win!
    Al assisted me throughout the process was very professional, prompt, and courteous. I highly recommend working with Air host Management!

  28. Gordon S.

    My partner and I were being transferred from Toronto to AZ very suddenly for work and by suddenly I mean within the month. We had no idea what to do with our house which we had bought just over a year ago. We are originally from a small town outside of Toronto and that’s where all of our family lives and so we didn’t have any hands we could comfortably leave our property. We did a bit of research on property management companies and then a friend recommended AIRHOST MANAGEMENT. We called AL immediately and he was very polite and thorough explaining how the services worked. Things have been going smoothly so far. Though I do miss Toronto and my home, I know it is in good hands. If you are ever in a similar situation to ours, I highly recommend going to Airhost Management to take care of it!

  29. Brandi Moss

    AL and Prayas, and the entire Airhost team have been exceptional in the entire process of renting out our vacation rental property. It was our first time using a property management company. I did tons of research and am so happy to find what their website said is all true, and part of the amazing experience I had. Dax from Florida, our local property manager was so kind and helpful even though some we had challenges on our end…we had to get the property ready for rental – He was so positive and went above and beyond the call of duty to help us. We have had great success so far and many bookings, and right from the time we ‘opened’ our doors. So grateful that we are able to work with Airhost Management team. Highly recommended, give them a call to learn more. You and your wallet will be happy you did!

  30. Sally B

    AL and Prayas were awesome in supporting me when major issues came up with the rental property. They were in constant communication with me as things got figured out and did not minimize the effect on me. They definitely helped in making a stressful situation a little better. If you have a property for short term rental in Ontario, I would highly recommend looking at Airhost Management.

  31. Lakeman, Alice

    5 stars for Airhost Management! Dax from Florida is always friendly and super responsive to emails. The people they hire to do work around the place are fantastic as well–respectful, professional, discreet. Would highly recommend Airhost Management.

  32. LeelaMays

    The service provided by AL and Prayas from the Airhost Management was outstanding. As I am from a different country, I had to go through some adaptation to understand all the different rules and policies of the home rental property and the city, and they are always very supportive.
    Every time that we had issues or questions about the property they provided us quick answers and solutions, even during weekends.
    As an owner, I could also perceive that AL and Prayas were very careful about taking care of the owner’s needs and made a very good connection in order to solve all the issues. I recommend the team and the company 100%.

  33. Maria BOWERS

    Initially messaged Al and a few other property managers in Toronto. AL was the first to respond (some of them still haven’t responded 6 months later…losers). He answered all of my questions and showed up on time for an appointment we made about a month in advance. He’s Not pushy at all! We got my unit refreshed and on the market within a reasonable amount of time! Where AL kicks ass is he responds immediately and always answers the phone. Currently, my unit had a toilet issue which caused some water damage and he has been on it! Dealing with vendors and insurance. If you want an honest reliable property manager AL from Airhost Management is THE man! Thanks again Al, I look forward to working with you for a long time.

  34. Kimberly Adams- Vaughn

    I had an amazing experience with Airhost Management! I’ve lived in other places in Ontario in apartment complexes that were run by property management companies who couldn’t care less about making your requests or the condition of the apartment a priority, but with Airhost Management that was never the case. Any maintenance request I made was taken care of right away and it was always a pleasure working with their courteous staff. They even reach out to check in to see if you need anything.

    They maintain their properties very well and handle tenant needs with the utmost professionalism.

    If you’re looking for a property management company that will put you first, go with Airhost Management!

  35. Derren Z. Hartley

    I can not say enough positive things about AL and the entire team at AIRHOST MANAGEMENT. My 9th month home rental property was seamless and easy due to the professionalism, reliability, and overall outstanding effort they put into making sure we were taken care of. As an owner I mattered, if we had an issue, it was addressed immediately. My concerns were met with understanding and a desire to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    They are a shining star in this world where most property management companies don’t do as they have promised.

  36. Sannah Potts

    Airhost Management has been an amazing company for my family and me. We own a few rental properties, and without their expertise, we would have had a lot of headaches. They provide quick and cost-effective solutions for property management. Paying a simple fee to not have to deal with the issues property management can create brings more value than I thought. You can concentrate on work and making money, while Airhost manages your properties. It’s great!

    AL (CEO) and Prayas (Airbnb guy) are such friendly people and very easy to work with. They have been in the business for a long time and know exactly what they are doing. A very organized and efficient approach to property management is what has kept them in the business for so long. I feel confident that you can trust them with your properties as I did, and you will be in good hands.

  37. Jareth Woodley

    Without a doubt, we truly got lucky finding a realtor like AL and a team like Airhost Management. We are forever grateful and appreciative of the support we received.

    “Going above and beyond” is an understatement when it comes to our experience and this was no ordinary home- rental experience. They are professional, reliable, responsive, consistent, trustworthy, and they genuinely care about their clients. They made us feel like we were the only clients they had and we knew that was far from the truth. It is very clear that AL and his team have a passion for what they do and they have created an amazing empire. We have definitely been spoiled and we will continue a lifelong short term rental relationship with them.

    A million times THANK YOU!

  38. Kade Gonzales

    Al the CEO of Airhost Management is very proactive. They are on top of the ball with informing you of any issues and most important with maintenance repair. After one year of hiring Airhost Management life is awesome. I managed the rental for my house for 3 years myself and I always seemed to choose the wrong tenants. They really do an excellent job in this industry.
    Highly Recommended.

  39. Major Rania

    Airhost management has managed one of my rental properties in Ontario. I am happy with the services they have provided in the last several months. Airhost Management and Team do what they say and normally on top of rental issues. AL the owner is available by phone and text which makes it easier for property owners who are busy communicating and understand the rental issues. I’m so thankful to have them as the property manager. 😉


    I have worked with Airhost Management & AL for many years. It has been a pleasure doing business with them. They have always been very accessible, professional, and responsive. If I have a question or need something specific they respond very quickly. I highly recommend their services.

  41. Saxon Deleon

    AL helped me to rent my vacation house.
    He is very knowledgeable about the market.
    He will give you a true and honest assessment and doesn’t sugarcoat things. In fact, he’s kind of a bulldog which some people may not like, but I really liked it because I felt confident that he was in charge.
    I will definitely use AIRHOST MANAGEMENT again and again to manage my rental property.

  42. Herbie Redmond

    We have had an excellent experience renting our house with Airhost Management. The team is personable, responsible, and has taken excellent care of the property. AL is a top-notch communicator and has always been very “on it,” checking on our experience as homeowners and answering all of our questions. We’ve had wonderful guests too.

  43. Darrel S Villa

    Airhost Management is just a great company that helped me a lot! They understood the market and helped me through every difficulty in our transaction! They truly care about everything and make you feel at home!

  44. Ralphy Le

    Airhost Management has been a dream of a property management company since I made the switch to them earlier this year. They are so conveniently located down the street and welcome walk-ins at any time. They are always courteous and professional and respond to any questions or concerns very quickly and efficiently.

  45. Phyllis Storey

    We just rented our property in the last 3 months managed by Airhost Management. Al and his team are really incredible. Paperwork was a cinch and the rent/maintenance is very easy and wonderful. They really accommodated all our requests and during the walk through AL was especially thorough and helpful for pointing out things we may not have noticed or wanted to be done. He did a fantastic job and was so pleasant. We couldn’t be happier! Thanks, Airhost Management.

  46. Francesco Hayden

    Airhost Management has been managing my rental property for a number of years now. I feel lucky that I have Al and his group taking care of my property. As an out-of-state owner, they make me feel secure that my house is being taken care of, and that good tenants are in place. I feel that he and the team have gone above and beyond for me.
    VERY happy with this business!

  47. Aman Jordan

    Al is very straightforward, ethical, and understands that my home is a business and my business needs to be successful. There were a few issues about my home that Al brought to my attention when I first approached him about managing my home and with his help and oversight everything was corrected. Soon after that my home was promptly rented. Without him who knows what I might have encountered when dealing with tenants who have alternative motives. Al is a true professional with a ton of experience.

  48. AlanisT. Atkinson

    Airhost Management is very easy to work with and flexible, I had a request on my property they were there right away and accommodated me. The team is really great and much needed at this time the COVID rules in place. Thank you Airhost Management!

  49. Rikki Naylor

    Nothing but outstanding and professional work from Al and his team at Airhost Management. I needed my house rented soon a couple of months before the pandemic, Airhost Management knocked it outta the park. They also provide tremendous support for our tenants. If you’re looking to rent out the property, you can’t go wrong here.

  50. Brayden Donnelly

    AL did an excellent job for us in managing our rental property. He and his team were very supportive and very responsive. Throughout the process, Al was willing to listen to us (including some rants from us) and help us better understand our path.
    After we had decided to give a green light to rent our property, his team went into serious action and they handled all of the details of the transaction. They kept us informed and on track and they handled everything. Furthermore, we have some remodeling in our rental unit and Al has put us in contact with some great contractors. He’s a full-service provider!
    Lastly, I appreciate that AL was willing to talk with us over text and email as our preferred communication mechanism. My wife and I have two young kids and crazy jobs, so long phone calls are not an option. AL was willing to work with that. Thank you AL, you rock!

  51. Melinda Villa

    I am completely satisfied with the services AL has provided with managing my newly constructed apartment unit on Barrie Ontario. I had contacted several other companies but felt AL was the most professional and personable who replied to all of my questions and emails promptly.
    So grateful for a company that takes their time to make sure their client is happy.
    Thank you!

  52. Ms. Dua Rice

    Prior to engaging Airhost Management to manage rental property for me, I had a stream of tenants who damaged the property, failed to pay rent, and had to be evicted. Prayas screening of prospective tenants is rigorous and results in the selection of outstanding tenants. My years’ association with AL has been extremely positive and has resulted in higher net income with less hassle.

  53. Morgan Mccormick

    and proactive. There was a sense of peace of mind since we were out of town and he took care of everything that needed to be done including checking out our property the same day we contacted him. Overall, I decided to rate Airhost Management with 5 stars since AL and his team did a great job. And once again thank you for the speedy process.

  54. Hannah S. Farmer

    If anyone ever needs a professional property management team to help you manage your rental properties, you must go with AL and his team at Airhost Management. They are one of the best in the business, and they are on top of it. They have helped me from managing my property to fixing repairs promptly, collecting rent on time, and helped me with an eviction I had to do. AL is very knowledgeable and personable. Easy to talk to. I recommend using them for all your property management needs. They are also good at giving you updates on important issues.

  55. Jason Byrd

    I hired Airhost Management to manage the rental on a country house I owned down in the downtown core/waterfront area of Toronto for a few years while I live in the US. I can honestly say, they did an amazing job. Not only were they right on top with keeping my finances in order, but they were fast and efficient with any questions and concerns. I enjoyed working with both AL and Prayas and the rest of the Team/

    I would definitely recommend Airhost Management if you’re looking for a management company to either help in the renting of your property, cleaning services, pay your mortgage, or your monthly bills!

  56. Reema Muir- Long

    We have just had our 2 months package experience with Airhost Management. AL, Prayas and Airhost Management Team provided a first-class rental property management service delivering great results. They manage to combine a personal, friendly approach with a top-notch, professional experience. AL kept us right every step of the way and the aftercare support is also welcome and readily available.
    We can’t praise AL and Airhost Management team highly enough. Thank you so much!

  57. Dillon Leon Pate

    Airhost Management is a great company! Al and his staff make renting your property out easy. When it comes to managing my property. They are on it like a hobo on a ham sandwich! Not a single crumb left!
    Everything is all taken care of as if it was their own property. It’s nice finding a business that looks out for your investment as if it was their investment.

    Call him for your rental needs…you can’t go wrong.

  58. Marianne Moody

    I cannot say enough positive things about Airhost Management we’ve worked with AL and Prayas has always been extremely friendly, accommodating, and helpful. They respond within a few hours of a repair request; and most importantly, have worked with my family during the difficult times of COVID-19. I would definitely recommend to a friend and look forward to working with them in managing our rental properties for years to come. Keep up the great work!

  59. Brenda Finley

    After interviewing 5 property management companies we knew right away that working with Al at Airhost Management was the right choice. He answered my questions effectively and showed me what his company planned to do for me. I have used other companies in the past where they nickel and dime you, especially in finding other vendors to help with problems. Thankfully he hasn’t done this. His vendors have been well priced and he or his contractors are able to solve problems quickly. All around a good guy, with a good business. Shows you that there still is something to be said about a small business.!

  60. Martyna P.

    We have property as rentals in the valley and needed some help managing them. Really happy with Airhost Management and their excellent services. We were dealing with AL and Prayas. T No sales tactics whatsoever, they answered all my questions without any cheesy sales lines. Thank you so much AL for taking care of our properties in a timely manner and making my life so much easier. Job well done.

  61. Zain Harrell

    Al and Airhost Management are absolutely top notch!AL is constantly looking for ways to improve the service they offer and to become the best management company . I highly recommend them!

  62. Vivien Leon

    A Big Thank-You to Al and Prayas for all they do for us as owners and to our tenants. They are Professional,Friendly,Awesome. They are so quick to respond to my needs. I put a work order in and its taken care of by the next day. And they follow-up with you to make sure it was taken of. They truly do care about us. I sure do appreciate them. So anyone looking to rent their precious property call Airhost Management. They truly are the best. And Thank-You to Everyone At Airhost Management for the Amazing Job You all did.

  63. Nina Reid

    I would highly recommend Airhost Property Management. They were really accommodating and worked hard to help me out with my rental property and make sure I was satisfied. I really liked the staff, very nice and engaging with me. I am definitely pleased with this company.

  64. Alexis Douglas

    All the positive comments for this management team are true. We were very lucky to have Airhost Management as our property manager. AL is a super nice guy and is a very experienced realtor.He also gave us many good suggestions so we can have our property rented in Airbnb and Vrbo. He personally came to our house to help the photographer taking photos of our house. Therefore, our house looked really impressive on the website and that attracted many potential tenants. I am extremely happy to choose Airhost Management. Highly highly recommended.

  65. Michael Zimmer

    I found Airhost Management from reading all the rave reviews. AL was quick to respond via phone call and we met in person the next day to chat more. Right from the start, he was super helpful, thorough, and detail oriented.
    Short Term rental process was more complicated than I thought but he educated me on everything in a non pushy way, making it all easy to comprehend.

    I highly recommend AL, great guy!

  66. Michael K. Batie

    During this shelter in place, I thought it would be difficult to find tenants for our rental property but Airhost Management was able to find them quickly and safely!

  67. Maddox Withers

    Amazing team!

    I worked with AL and Prayas for a few months as I was getting ready to rent out my previous home. Becoming a landlord was completely new to me, and they walked me through every step of the process and gave me really detailed information, timelines, rental projections, and more. They were professional, courteous, prompt, communicative… basically everything you would ever need in a property manager. If I am ever in need of property management, or if anybody I know is looking to rent out their place, I would send them immediately to Airhost Management.

  68. Kenzie Hogan

    Recently I have had the pleasure of working with Al and his team at Airhost Management as they took over the management of my cottage. They have been extremely responsive to work with, care about me as the owner and my guest and take the business of keeping other’s homes safe and secure quite seriously.
    I can honestly say they have well earned their great reputation in the industry!
    Trustworthy, fair, caring, solidly grounded professionals from the word go. This is the place to go if you are looking to work with professionals!

  69. Sawyer Merritt

    If you are looking for a company to take care of your whole property then these guys are it. They have a really friendly team who are keen to get you going again. Airhost Management can get to you really quickly. I’d definitely recommend them.

  70. Robert S. Christian

    Amazing service and professionalism from the entire team at Airhost Managemet. Special thanks to AL for his help in managing my property for the last year.

  71. Avani Tyler

    I’ve been working with Airhost Management for over a year now. I’m extremely please so far. I was able to meet with AL and Prayas when I was about to rent out my apartment. They did a quick walk thru and recommended a fair price for my unit. The process was simple, they took professional pictures, gave me the link to the add that was posted for my unit and Prayas kept me updated on all prospective renters.

    Now he sends me semi-annual pics of the unit so I know he’s checking in on the tenants and my unit and I always get a text or email if there are any issues.

    If you want your property looked after and not have to worry, this the company to work with.

  72. Sharon R. Wood

    My husband and I retained our first rental property a year ago. We were referred to Airhost Management by a friend whom uses them for their rental properties. We work with AL, and he’s been absolutely the best! Albert gave us prompt, accurate advice and personally oversaw that the issues were handled quickly. And while our current tenant is fantastic, It’s also very reassuring to know that if we have an issue with a tenant in the future that we won’t have to worry about the complicated and time consuming process of eviction;
    Airhost Management is well worth the cost for the peace of mind given.

  73. Mireille Pouros III

    I am very happy that I am working with Airhost Management. They made the rental of my Hamilton apartment very simple. They found great tenants, and cover all aspects of managing the property just like they said they would. Since we started I have heard from them a few times about normal maintenance issues, but other than that, it is just a deposit into my account and a statement every month. They walked me through the whole process when we were getting started, and gave me a lot of information.

  74. Annabelle Robertson

    I’ve had the pleasure of working Al at Airhost Management for several years now and I have zero complaints. This company is consistent and never ceases to amaze me on how professional they are. Hands down the best property management company in Ontario. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality customer service and attention to every critical detail.

  75. Annie Johnston

    I had a great experience with Airhost Management! Prayas was always helpful and responded promptly to any questions or concerns I had. I would definitely recommend them.

  76. Rudy Hayes

    What a Great Management company. My interactions more specifically with AL has been excellent and outstanding. He is very responsive, very professional and just a very kind and warm hearted and positive man. He takes care of business and he takes good care of the landlords and tenants. I recommend Airhost Management to everyone in need of good Management company.

  77. Nasir Shanahan

    Airhost Management manages the property we owned in Niagara Falls, ON for the last 9 months. They were always on top of things and found us a fabulous tenant. Good job Airhost Management!

  78. Roy M. Douglas

    AL is great. He has been very responsive when anything needs to be fixed. Also Prayas and team are Awesome! They are professional and know what they are doing.

  79. Morgan Beckman

    I’ve never had a property management before and was very skeptical if the fee was worth it. Compared to the other agents I met with, AL came across as genuine and knew he would manage my property like his own. He kept me posted every step of the way from posting to my first renter move in. I had issues with move in and appliances and AL went out of his way to ensure I was worry free and getting the most cost effective resolutions. I do not live locally and couldn’t imagine having to do all that on my own. If you want the feeling of personalized management, not lost in the shuffle of other clients, Airhost property management is the company to partner with.

  80. Kinsley Warner

    Constant communication. I got a status update from Al and Prayas without fail. They have always answered my calls or called me back within the hour.

    At this point in time, I can tell you that I’m very comfortable and more than satisfied working with this wonderful team!

  81. Serena Cowan

    Let me start by saying that AL is amazing. I am an owner of the rental property and can say first hand that he has excellent people skills and is very responsive when contacted by phone and email. He has always been very attentive to any concerns I had.

  82. Jennifer C. Currie

    Airhost Managemet has been managing an investment property for me and they have been very honest and dependable. I recently had an inspection and they were very involved with the entire process. I would highly recommend them.

  83. Harrison Miller

    I had just purchased my first investment property when my colleague referred me to Airhost Management. With all the complicated laws I was very hesitant to use anyone else but me.
    All my questions were answered and I am very happy with the results. AL helped me with finding a very well qualified tenant within the first two weeks. Thank you very much for your professionalism in handling my property.

  84. Willow Hennessy

    I Thank you,Al & Prayas at Airhost Management.
    After working w many property mgt companies in my decades of being a real estate broker, I can now say I have met the best in the business.
    Without a doubt, whether an owner or tenant, AL will guarantee service from trustworthy & competent professionals to provide you & your concerns with the care & comfort you deserve.
    Al & Prayas take great pride in their work which is so refreshing & so rewarding to anyone who has the pleasure of knowing & working with them along with their exceptional & experienced staff.

  85. Roman Manuel

    AL is so kind and easy to work with, He makes this process run so smoothly. On top of this, he has the patience and reliability of everyone, his dedication is above & beyond!

  86. Olympias Hypatia

    I recently inherited a property in Ontario and a friend recommended Airhost management to rent and manage the property since I am not local to the area. They were extremely accommodating with my tight schedule when I was in town. They met with me at the property, answered all my questions, and also recommended someone to help with upgrades I needed to make to the property before renting. They were able to quickly rent my apartment and it has been wonderful working with them remotely. I highly recommend using Airhost Management!

  87. Corbin Bondar

    Airhost Management has been my go to property manager. Al and his team are beyond professional, detail oriented and truly care about the work that they do. I highly recommend Airhost Management.

  88. Kade Jacks

    Amazing service and professionalism from the entire team at Airhost Management. Special thanks to Albert for his help in managing my property for the last year.

  89. Griffin Banks

    This was the first time I sought out a property management company to assist me in finding a tenant. I have been very delighted with their company and services so far! Their team is very responsive, patient, and knowledgeable and they found a tenant for my condo quickly, even despite the current shelter in place. I also loved how transparent the process was and the pricing of their services is very competitive without sacrificing service and quality. I am so satisfied with their tenant placement services that I am considering their ongoing property management services. I am so happy and relieved to have found Airhost Management Team!

  90. Tanner Robins

    AL is extremely cognizant of the fact that the home I rented out has significant emotional meaning for me. I want the “right fit” of tenant who will lovingly embrace the quirky neighborhood and wild garden. He is organized and understands urgency and anxiety over the tenant search process. As a small business owner, I always “on the lookout” for exemplary customer care. You will find it here.

  91. Kylie W.

    5 starts for AL at Airhost Management! He’s an awesome property manager. He is extremely responsive and attentive to all communications. One time I accidentally forgot my apartment keys and locked myself out. AL quickly coordinated with me to pick up a spare set during my lunch break. Huge help!

  92. Chase Frazer- Banks

    AL of Airhost Management is simply AMAZING!

    Airhost Management has been managing our townhouse since 2019, and we highly recommend them if you want a hardworking property management with vast knowledge and experience.

    If I could, I would give him 6 stars!

  93. Arianna Prince

    5 stars for AL at Airhost Management! He’s an awesome property manager. He is extremely responsive and attentive to all communications. One time I accidentally forgot my apartment keys and locked myself out. AL quickly coordinated with me to pick up a spare set during my lunch break. Huge help!

  94. Benjamin Moore

    Working with Airhost Management was a true pleasure! Seeing as I currently live in another state, Airhost Management was able to handle my property in the Ontario area with ease.

    They coordinated a photographer to come shoot my house and had my property listed in no time. It was great being able to see all of the inquiries about my property from their platform. They took the hassle out of having to screen potential tenants. They were able to make a recommendation on which tenant to select and from there I could remotely sign the lease agreement. It was a seamless experience. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for property management!

  95. Sadie Hoffman

    I own property in Barrie, but I live in a different city. It’s a pain to drive to the property to show it to potential renters! Airhost Property Management takes care of all of the hassle of both showing the property to renters as well as helping me pick the best renters for my property. The Airhost Management employees are always on the ball in scheduling showings as well as ensuring that all the potential renters’ questions are answered. They even hired a handyman to fix a small problem before we decided to start renting out the unit. Online property management is insanely easy now.

  96. Nico McLeod

    Airhost Property Management got me set up quickly and painlessly, even despite the busy and unfavorable time of year to get properties listed. They’re professional, knowledgeable and extremely efficient. From initial contact to signed lease was less than 2 weeks and I’d recommend them to anyone.

  97. Crystal E.

    In a year that has been filled with lemons ~ Albert turned it all into lemonade! I did my research and selected her based on previous reviews and because he lived in the area. Al and his team exceeded all my expectations. They knows the market and what it takes for a short term rental business.

  98. Teagan A.P.

    I would like to thank Albert very much for his promptness and professional conduct in assisting me to rent my home. From day 1 he was at the property putting together all the pieces to make my home ready for market. That included personally obtaining locks and keys on my behalf, ordering installing and supervising the installation of blinds throughout the house and of a pair of brand washer and dryer. Which he helped me get a fantastic deal on both!
    I highly reccomend Airhost Property Management and especially Albert.

    Thank you.

  99. Zander Cairns

    I recently needed to rent my residential property and after considerable research and interviewing three top rated property managers, I turned to Airhost Property Management where I spoke to Al. I found him to be very helpful and an easy person with whom to do business. He informed me of the things I should do to get my property ready and how he would market it, as well as the rent it might bring. He also gave me the name of someone who would complete much of the work that needed to be done, and that person was also extremely helpful. He was able to rent the property within two weeks of putting it on the market and I got the price I was asking. I will use him again when the need arises.

  100. Ariana Preston

    Al from Airhost Property Management was the property manager for my property. He was professional, prompt, and hard working. No issues at all. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for peace of mind with their investment.

  101. Liam Nevin

    When I was shopping around for a property manager to take care of our rental house, Al was recommended by another agent who does not take on new clients. I felt it was a good sign as he was respected by peers. Everything afterward has been smooth. Al is very straightforward and efficient. He is responsive to requests from both the renter and the owner and serves as a fair agent between the two parties. One thing I liked about him was that the contract term was flexible and motivates good behavior.

  102. Emersyn Davies

    I highly recommend Airhost Property Management!

    We rented our beautiful house and Airhost Property Management are extremely efficient, professional and take care of all rental-related issues right away without a question. Good job Airhost Property Management.

  103. Sophia Webster

    So I don’t usually trust property management companies; unfortunately because I’ve had many years of different bad experiences. I have to say that Airhost Property Management, have been fantastic. They are quick to respond and quick to get things done and I’m so appreciative to finally have a different opinion on a property management company.

  104. Eden Walker

    Albert is our go to person whenever someone is in need of an outstanding property manager. Every time he meets with a potential client of ours, the feedback is always outstanding.

    I am the team leader of the #1 real estate team and making sure our clients receive top notch service is our #1 priority.

    Al at Airhost Property Management also believes in the same philosophy.

  105. Stella Cowan

    Excellent staff ! Always responded to my emails and returned phone calls. Found a good renter for my property in 24 hrs! Highly recommend!

  106. Kane White- March

    I am a new, out-of-state landlord and can’t begin to tell you how wonderful Airhost Property Management have been. Al and his team of professionals literally took the ball and ran with it! We had lawns that needed care, property improvements to be managed and tenants to be placed. They handled all efficiently, cost effectively and always kept me apprised of what was going on in a timely fashion. Needless to say, I highly recommend!

  107. Avery W. P.

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  108. Jazmyne Hills

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  109. Donna Kerluke

    Airhost Property Management was very responsive with emails and calls, they walked us through the processes since we are first time landlord. Their online platform provides all the information with ult-most transparency from candidates screening, applications, lease to rent collection. With their help, we found a very good and responsible family as our tenants. We are satisfied with the process and result.

  110. Della Ernser DVM

    Using Airhost Property Management was the smartest decision I could have made to manage my property. I constantly travel for work so dealing with my property is difficult.

    Airhost Property Management was able to seamlessly take over all aspects of managing my property; everything from lease renewals and repair requests to full financial accounting. They were honest and transparent with every action they took. I could see everything that was going on from their software making it a breeze to check from anywhere.

    I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for property management. 10/10

  111. Kaitlyn Snook

    Al and Prayaswalked us through every step of the process, so we knew exactly what to expect. They got us up to speed quickly on renting our property process and were very patient with all of our questions.
    Thank you Airhost Property Management

  112. Ms. Rossie Roberts I

    We have had a wonderful experience working with Albert. Our experience with rentals is now very positive as a result of working with him.He was very responsive to any needs or problems we had. Albert made himself available in many different situations and followed through when we needed it most. Highly recommend!

  113. Jovani Bernier

    I found Albert to be bright, creative, helpful, courteous, hardworking, and determined, a tireless advocate for my client’s best interests, with a great, “can-do” attitude and a great sense of humor. Honestly, if you are looking for a great property manager or a terrific real estate agent, look no further. You have found him! Cannot recommend AL highly enough!

  114. Devonte Mayert

    I have had the pleasure of working with Al more than once now. When you are looking for somebody to help you with one of the biggest and most important investments and decisions you will make you need a man like AL next to you, helping you with all the details that you don’t even know you need help with yet. thank you Albert for all you do and the rest of Airhost Management Team.

  115. Laura Borer

    The Airhost Management team are wonderful people and we are blessed to have found them. They will go above and beyond your expectations. I feel like part of their family.

  116. Dayton Gerlach

    Albert really turned everything around and we are so grateful for him! So far, Al has answered all our phone calls, or gotten back right away–and the same with emails. He has been so consistent and amazing. If we can’t have Al manage our properties, we don’t want anyone else! Airhost Property Management.

  117. Addison Simpson

    Best property management company that ever manage our property. Airhost Management gets any problem with the property fixed faster than anyone else
    If I ever have rental properties that need looking after, I would pick Airhost Management in a heartbeat.

  118. Violet Ostell

    Airhost Management provides an exclusive homemade experience for their guests. They spoil you up and I was absolutely impressed by the service I received from them and their helpful customer service. Everyone is highly recommendingAirhost Management.

  119. Jon J. Stebbins

    The Air host Management team is highly attentive, detail-oriented, and very personable. Best experience I’ve ever had in the property management realm. Look here first!

  120. Mary J. Coan

    As a first responder myself, getting to work with a company like Airhost Management and more importantly with amazing Al– made my critical decision to rented out my property flawless and with ease during a painfully stressful time like this COVID. Thank you to everyone here, and especially to Al. You are truly a gift. Thank you.

  121. Gaston Bailey

    They’ve been great to work with. They listened to what I wanted, and then they worked to make it happen. I can honestly say that me as a landlord without a property management could have turned out to be a disaster without their help. But not only are they professionals and great at work, but they are wonderful people

  122. Lucas Gesner

    Highly recommend Airhost Property Management. I worked with them for 2 years as they managed a rental property. Excellent, prompt communication, very professional. Any issues that arose while my property was rented (and issues are inevitable) were addressed quickly and appropriately. I have only good things to say about these guys.

  123. Ms. Eloise Labadie

    He answered every time we had a question in a matter of minutes. We were the first landlord, and we had so many questions about managing our property. Albert took so much time out of his busy schedule to answer them honestly, and he was able to put everything in the layman’s terms for us.

  124. Fredricka O’Neill

    We were lucky to find the best property management company ever. I regret to have to leave the area. Obtaining superior, knowledgeable, communicative, prompt and at a caliber of integrity that is rare. I wish all of the success in the world.

  125. Jörg Nagel

    I have enjoyed doing business with Airhost Property Management over the past two years. This business has credibility and they treat their customers with dignity. I appreciate you taking time to follow up on our maintenance problems.

  126. Stephanie Hey

    Al at Airhost Property Management was one of the best things that has ever happened to our property. Initially, we worked with another property manager, but we didn’t like how they rushed things and wanted to lease our unit immediately without due diligence. We made a call to Al, and he literally dropped it all, and came by right away. This is a man who works hard for his clients as if they were his own family. Thank you so much Al.

  127. Birgit Peters

    During our initial inquiries and up until now, Albert was always open to text messages and emails with questions and concerns. On a Sunday, I emailed Al, expecting a response by Monday. I received a response almost instantly. I always admire his responsiveness and sense of urgency.

  128. Marcel Metzger

    What an easy guy is going to do business with.
    Our communication was quick and clear on this point.
    Provided us with all the paperwork and honored all the prices.
    Just a wonderful experience.
    I highly recommend to Al and his team from Airhost Management.

  129. Isabel Langford

    Al was a pleasure to speak with on the phone and promptly answered all of my questions. I appreciate him taking the time to listen to and speak with me about my concerns, which he addressed in a professional and inspiring manner. That is very much appreciated, and I would highly recommend his services!

  130. Mads N. Andresen

    It is so nice to be working with a property management company that does things right! It’s great to see the way they process work orders and follow up without letting anything fall through the cracks. They truly care about taking care of their customers and want to make sure that they are happy with every service they receive. We really enjoy working with Al. He is extremely pleasant to work with, responds to emails within minutes, and is always available when you have any questions. Communication is key and Airhost Property Management Company is one of the best out there! Thank you guys for all that you do, keep up the good work!

  131. Riley Swift

    Excellent property management firm. They are genuinely concerned about their tenants and the properties they manage. I’ve seen a lot of businesses that only do the bare minimum. Certainly not this company.

  132. Nicole K.

    I had the pleasure of working with Albert at Airhost property management, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank him for his thoughtful attention to detail, as well as his excellent decision-making and problem-solving abilities. He is well-informed, resourceful, and compassionate. Airhost Management took care of my tenants’ needs in a timely and efficient manner, and they went above and beyond to ensure my tenants’ satisfaction. Barbara’s positive attitude and approach made my experience with HCM enjoyable, and I believe they deserves special recognition.

  133. Finley George Green

    Airhost Management Team has been a joy to work with! They assisted me in finding tenants for my condo, completed all of the paperwork, and has been an excellent advisor in notifying me when local laws change that affect the rental agreement. Strongly recommended!!

  134. Tanja W .Pfeffer

    As far as Al’s management of the other property is concerned, everything has gone smoothly over the past year. One thing we appreciate is that he has work teams on call who can come to the house after hours for repairs if needed and if one wants to be there while the work is done, which is a big plus for tenants – a big reason we changed property management to him was that our previous tenants felt that they were not getting appropriate service levels from the prior manager.

    We are very pleased to have Al as our property manager, specially given we live so far away, and would recommend him to anyone.

  135. Jeremy D. Doe

    Airhost Management, specifically Al, manages the house where my family and I live. Our experience has been completely positive. He is quick to respond to any questions or requests we have. I feel very safe in a property managed by Al, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a property in the ON area.

  136. Naomi D. McPherson

    My husband and I were nervous about the entire process as first-time home landlords. Airhost Property Management’s professionals made the entire experience easy, enjoyable, and stress-free by providing a friendly and honest service. I appreciated how they took the time to answer our questions and send us information to help us understand rental property management better.

  137. Ava Douglas- Barry

    I’m a fan of the Airhost Property Management . During Covid, they worked hard to get the house rented out. We got generous equipment and great suggestions from the firm to get the return on our investment we were looking for. They’re readily available to assist with anything you may have. If you are searching for a management company, I highly recommend them.They’re great, always. First-class workmanship!

  138. Hugo Piers

    We recently hired Airhost Property Management following an exhaustive search and interview process. Al and his team have been outstanding! Al has sourced new and improved service contracts, led the upgrade home and conducted a budget review. These and other projects began during Covid’s lockdown. This posed additional challenges for contractors, but the Airhost Management Team has kept informed throughout the process, and they handled these obstacles professionally. I would strongly advise you to use Airhost PM.

  139. Apolline Tanguy

    Always responded quickly, were helpful, and were not intrusive. It saved me a lot of time during the Covid quarantine. Airhost Management Team was especially helpful when they took over from a less-than-stellar property management company and got everything sorted out.

  140. Arnbjørg Emrik Knutsen

    Al is a wonderful property manager. Many prop managers I’ve worked with in the past have let me down, so I really appreciate someone who delivers. He only wants to see the best outcome for the person involved, not solely concerned with earning his commission (as I have seen from others). He’s excellent for your search.

  141. Ellery Barnett

    Due to CV19, this review is being released slightly later than usual. Airhost Property Management connected me and met Ben, who was incredible throughout the process. His helpfulness, friendliness, and dedication to customer service were remarkable. Did I mention all this was taking place on the day SF went into Lock Down for the pandemic. Thank you Ben and Airhost Management Team

  142. Brigitte Lachance

    Prayas and Al were available 24 hours a day and assisted me with managing and setting our property. Al’s professionalism and integrity are unmatched. Airhost Property Management is the number one PM in Ontario and has the highest ratings and reviews. Look no further than Al; you will not find a more qualified property management.AL is the consummate professional, highly regarded and at the top of his game.

  143. Jo E. Bryant

    The property we own is rented out, and we have worked with a number of property management companies. Airhost Management came highly recommended by a colleague. I found their website through Google and contacted AL. We talked about our rental unit, and he provided all of the information we needed. We did some research and ultimately decided to work with Airhost Management, and we are extremely grateful for our time with them! All businesses must be profitable, but at Airhost Management, the number one priority is Customer Service, which they achieve through excellent and prompt communication, clear directions, user-friendly documents, and electronic signatures. This organization is trustworthy, efficient, hardworking, and fair! They come highly recommended by us!

  144. Jason

    I have been renting out my property for ages, but it was only when on a friends recommendation I contacted Al that I realised the true worth of my prime location property. Extremely happy to be doing ng business with Al and his team. Very prompt, transperant and also affordable.

  145. Andrew Phillips

    I brought my business to Airhost Management after a disastrous experience with another prop manager, with fear and a lot hesitation. But after talking to Prayas my fears had dimmed down more so when the templates for client communication came through. What professional work these guys do. Very happy with their dealings with me and the kind of traffic they have gotten into my property and all this during a pandemic. Fabulous.

  146. Edmund Wright

    I had stayed in ample airbnbs before all went to hell with this pandemic, but never thought there was so much work to it. Once I put my parents home on Airbnb, it was mayhem. So much investment and such low returns. I was introduced to Al and his team by a friend, who had given a property to Airhost Management to get it up and running. It has been great working with them, they are good at their jobs, through and punctuation with their deadline. The Market knowledge the possess makes hosting on Airbnb worth it financially, finally!

  147. Nathaniel

    The team at Airhost Management works hard to make sure that the landlord and guests are treated with respect. The standards here are based on criterias like,safety, security and reliability.
    My experience here has been great.

  148. Gregory

    I have been using their cleaning services frequently and It is always a delight to work with any of the Staff at Airhost. Once I decided to put my second home on short term rentals I could only think of them. They are all very professional and are always very sensitive and thorough in dealing with my property and particularly with any issues that require immediate attention.

  149. Noah

    The team from Airhost Management have been incredible!! We required a management pack quickly. They were prompt and efficient, keeping me informed throughout. He their word and even had everything sent and ready before the deadline. Extremely professional and a joy to work with.

  150. Rupert

    Very impressed with the services at Airhost Management. Airhost Management is very easy to work with and flexible, I had a request on my property they were there right away and accommodated me.
    Can’t recommend them enough!

  151. Jennifer

    Excellent customer service and extremely smooth rental process to have my properties included in the AirBnB Listing. I completed the process ALL online without having to spend so much time in person.

  152. Melissa

    Awesome job by the entire team and a
    big thank you to Airhost Management for taking care of the entire process so easily and professionally.

  153. Meredith

    Al and his team at Airhost Management are amazing! My sister and I had no clue where to start when it came to renting our home for short term rentals. It was a sigh of relief (and totally worth the cost) to have a TEAM of people who know the game, have the resources, and efficiently execute on our behalf. Thanks for everything Airhost Management!

  154. Hugh Phillip

    To begin, as a first-time landlord, it was a pleasure to work with a company like Airhost Management, and even more enjoyable was getting to know Ben, who made the process easier for me as a first-time landlord.

  155. Lily Campbell

    Happy customer!
    As far as property management companies go, these guys are awesome. As an owner of a house, they took over on managing my property and I’ve been impressed with their honesty & transparency when it came to getting the best tenants to rent my place.

  156. Vicky

    Super impressed and extremely happy with my final listing. AIRHOST MANAGEMENT was amazing! My husband and I had no clue where to start when it came to renting our home for short term rentals. It was a sigh of relief (and totally worth the cost) to have a TEAM of people who know the game, have the resources, and efficiently execute on our behalf.

  157. Miranda

    The team at Airhost Management works hard to make sure that the landlord and guests are treated with respect. The standards here are based on criterias like,safety, security and reliability.
    My experience here has been great.

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  244. Abby Henderson

    Airhost Management’s professionalism, skill, responsiveness, and resourcefulness have far surpassed my expectations. Their interaction with guests are timely, informative, warm, and welcoming. And in addition to the impeccable and outstanding service they provide, simply a joy to work with.

  245. Sarah Buddington

    I feel like the company really does try hard to be the best, and takes moves to constantly improve. They are the safest out there, and I like hosting as well as travelling using the site. You get to meet cool people and stay in interesting places

  246. Carrie Rickman

    Airhost Management is incredible. Very accommodating and very quick to respond with any questions. So flexible with check-in and check-out time, which was extremely helpful.

  247. Neil Thurman

    It is always a delight to work with any of the Staff at Airhost. They are all very professional and are always very sensitive and thorough in dealing with my property and particularly with any issues that require immediate attention.
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  248. Priscilla

    What professional work these guys do. Very happy with their dealings with me and the kind of traffic they have gotten into my property and all this during a pandemic. Fabulous.

  249. Taylor

    I met Al, the owner of the company, and I’m excited to work with him. He is courteous and professional, and he communicates clearly, which is very important to me. He consistently goes above and beyond for his colleagues and provides a valuable service. I wish him the best of luck as he grows his company in the city, and I’m sure they’ll keep hitting it out of the park!

  250. Jerry Wheaton

    AIRHOST MANAGEMENT was amazing! My husband and I had no clue where to start when it came to renting our home for short term rentals. It was a sigh of relief (and totally worth the cost) to have a TEAM of people who know the game, have the resources, and efficiently execute on our behalf. fabulous job

  251. Pablo Gracias

    Extremely satisfied with the attention to detail and communication. Care is always shown. Guests are looked after from start to Finnish. We highly recommend them to anyone looking at Hosting.

  252. Aldo

    The entire team is the very pinnacle of professionalism. A special mention for Al, his dedication to our little project made things super easy. They took care of listings, competition and market strategy to get things off the ground. As a first time landlord, letting my property into business I was completely satisfied. Recommended!

  253. Jenn

    Al and Prayas and his team are second to none. They go above and beyond to make sure all communications, appointments, and promises are kept! I had many times during my 3 years working with them where they supported impeccable service, attention, and generosity of energy and time. Thanks so much, Al and the rest of AIRHOST MANAGEMENT team!

  254. Jeffrey

    Airhost Management’s professionalism, skill, responsiveness, and resourcefulness have far surpassed my expectations. Their interaction with guests are timely, informative, warm, and welcoming. And in addition to the impeccable and outstanding service they provide, simply a joy to work with.

  255. Waverly

    As day-to-day property managers they are always very accessible and quick to respond, they are totally professional and courteous with my tenants. I’m very happy to have Al and Prayas look after my properties.

  256. Curtis Bennett

    We recently hired Airhost Property Management following an exhaustive search and interview process. Al and his team have been outstanding! Al has sourced new and improved service contracts, led the upgrade home and conducted a budget review. Highly recommended!

  257. Cynthia

    Right from the beginning communication has been great. AL and Prayas have responded to all of my questions promptly and was eager to meet with me right after my first inquiry. Since it is our first time renting out our property we wanted to be sure to go with the right company and I am so grateful that I found this company after researching and reading reviews.

  258. Sandra Todd

    I recently hired Airhost Management to rent out and manage a condo that I own. I had a bad experience with the last Property Management Company that I worked with and was referred to Airhost Management from a colleague who owns investment property that is managed by the Airhost Management.
    I am very happy with both the service and the communication

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