C. Package 3 – 2 months “Trial” Co-Hosting & Management

(300 customer reviews)




  • Setup of new Short-Term Rental on Airbnb. This professionally designed listing will have the right combinations of keywords to rank higher in search results in your area
  • Starhost co-host on each listing purchased in the package
  • Responding to inquires from potential guests
  • Guest communication before, during, and after reservation
  • Custom templates for high-quality and consistent communication with guests
  • Management and synching of calendars and adjusting pricing as needed
  • Leaving reviews for guests
  • Making recommendations based on guest feedback
  • Coordinating with cleaners and/or creating a cleaning schedule

300 reviews for C. Package 3 – 2 months “Trial” Co-Hosting & Management

  1. jonathon

    You gyez really knew how to deal with your guests, from taking care of small things to the reservations of the house. You are doing a great job

  2. Dennis Richard

    100 % recommendable, best in everything they are offering.

  3. Benjamin Loo

    They keep track of each and every feedback of guests. They really know how to serve.

  4. Catherine King

    Very responsible for their services, especially taking care of the queries, they never miss a single one!

  5. Alice

    Love every place I have stayed at! Airhost has the best deals, & I feel like they keep your info and you safe.

  6. Loik B.

    Airhost is great at communication, which is key.

  7. Grayson Lee

    The owner was helpful and accommodating. The house was clean, just as described. Full of appliances, towels, bedding. The whole process was easy and safe. They protect the renter and the rentee. Highly recommended way to go.

  8. john N.

    They paid a great attention to me inquires! never missed a single inquiry

  9. Karen

    Very professional and gentle. The staff is very accommodating.

  10. Charles

    Absolutely awesome and caring staff, they are very thorough in explaining procedures and answering any questions you may have.

  11. Theo Franklinos

    Oliver and the Airhost team have brought my idea of an alternative style of rental to life for my property company Landmark Locations Ltd. They have exceeded my expectations and have proved to me that short terms lettings can be potentially more successful than long term rental. They have been reliable, understanding and efficient in managing my property. The standards have been kept high and this has been reflected in my reviews, with every guest happy and positive about their stay. I have been kept informed and updated about any issues or recommendations to improve the experience and I am grateful for the service and support.

  12. Claire Rose

    Oliver and all at Airhost Management have continually exceeded my expectations over the last year or so. The level of responsiveness during and around the time of hosting is especially impressive. The ratings I’ve received from guests have been consistently spot on. Oliver is really nice to work with too, giving a good ‘personal touch’ to the service. I would recommend Airhost Management to anyone looking for help with their Airbnb hosting.

  13. Margaret Nwojo

    I have found Oliver and his team to be pro-active, professional and knowledgeable with a satisfactory amount of flexibility. This allows you as the owner to rely on them and trust that they will do what has been agreed and what is needed. They listen to my request about the calibre of visitors I want. Their knowledge equips them to recommend and improve your listing so you can maximise your visitor numbers. I am very happy with Airhost Management in Brighton Ontario.

  14. Martin Jenkin

    I discovered Airhost Management early in 2016 when I was wondering what to do with my Oakville Condo while I was away on an increasing number of trips abroad. Oliver and his team have been nothing less than fantastic, dealing with all the numerous tasks involved in letting your place on Airbnb in a very professional and sympathetic manner; I couldn’t recommend them enough!

  15. Douglas

    The cleanliness and little touches made our stay that much more enjoyable! Airhost was quick to respond to any of our questions. We look forward to a return visit soon

  16. Gemma Houldey

    Airhost took care of everything when I was away for 3 months and renting my home out on AirBnB. They provided a fantastic and efficient service – from welcoming the guests into the home and buying basic supplies to tidying up and washing the laundry afterwards. It was such a relief to know my home was in good hands, and I was so impressed to come back and find the plants watered and everything as I’d left it. I definitely recommend Airhost to others!

  17. Hollon

    Absolutely amazing stay!!!! Would love to come back again soon! Perfect little flat loved that it was on the ground floor. Had fresh flowers when I arrived I thought that was really nice! The kitchen was fantastic it even had Netflix and lots of big windows! I loved it so much!!

  18. Lavender Asam

    Lovely little flat in a quiet neighborhood. Close to Tube stops, overground, restaurants, and groceries, but not TOO close. Highly recommended!

  19. Dan Buxton

    They really know their craft. Absolutely Fantastic!

  20. Beauden Christensen

    Superhosts -Great experienced, highly rated hosts who are committed to providing great stays for our guests.

  21. Ihsan Sutton

    Thank you, Al and Airhost management, your help and quick response have been amazing! You always come through for me…My experience has been wonderful!

  22. Addisyn Wang

    We loved working with Al and his team right from the get-go. He immediately makes you feel like family and will fight tooth-and-nail for you as realtors should. I have seen other host management at work in the past and can honestly report that none work as hard as AL and team does for our clients.

  23. Dante Barisi

    All the positive comments for this management team are true. We were very lucky to have Gen from the Philippines. Gen is a super nice and she also gave us many good suggestions so we can have more reservations on our property- FAST. I am extremely happy to choose Gen as my business- partner. Highly highly recommended.

  24. Nancy

    I moved over to Airhost Management after having a not so good experience with another property management company. My experience with Airhost Management since day 1 has been extremely pleasant. Al and Prayas had done an amazing job getting my property rent ready and rented within a short amount of time. Dax from Florida has gone above and beyond to make sure the property is well taken care of and addressing my questions/requests within a timely manner. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a solid and professional property management team!

  25. Ralph Neilsen

    I have been a client of Airhost Management for over 2 years now and definitely recommend their team! They manage rental properties for me – their level of service, attention to detail and the way they engage with me as their client is better than any property management service I have used in Toronto – they look after the rental process, make it really clear and seamless for me as an owner to help me manage finances, and their screening process is really thorough. Whenever there is any sort of issue or time-senstive matter they’ve really come through for me. As day-to-day property managers they are always very accessible and quick to respond, they are totally professional and courteous with my tenants. I’m very happy to have Al and Prayas look after my properties.

  26. Eula Lane

    I recently started using Airhost to manage my home in Hamilton. Coming from experience doing my own property management in Denver, I must say that this company is hands down amazing property management and they truly know what they are doing by providing excellent customer service. The team has gone above and beyond to not only accommodate my husband and I with our rental property but has also done more than expected for our guests. They have made things very easy for us. We’re very appreciative of their attention to detail with everything.

  27. Matthew Olson

    AIRHOST MANAGEMENT has been managing our 2 unit property for well over 6 months now. I cannot speak highly enough of what an amazing job AL, Prayas, and the rest of the Airhost Management has done to manage our property. They are always very prompt and thorough in their communication. They look after our property as if it were their own, always recommending improvements that could help us optimize our earnings. They are available to answer questions whenever we need them, and most importantly, I have peace of mind knowing they are managing our property. I can sit back and relax knowing that things are being taken care of promptly and with attention to detail. I have tried other services and property managers in the past for our short-term rental building, and the difference in quality and professionalism is clear. Airhost Management knows what they are doing and they’re great at it. Highly recommend to anyone looking to rent out their property.

  28. Spike N.

    I really appreciate the customer/client service provided by Airhost Management. They are such a refreshing improvement from the last company that managed our rental property. The team provides timely information and handles any issues quickly and easily. They went ahead and recognized any issue. Prompt response and quick resolution, thank you!

  29. Wesley Gutierrez

    Airhost Management’s services were absolutely phenomenal and of utmost professionalism. All real estate personnel should strive to demonstrate AL and the Team from Airhost Management a high level of expertise with the cities/neighborhoods they are working in, the amount of genuine care shown for their clients’ well-being, and that kind and positive attitude. They truly made our time with both in-person and online a pleasure. We highly recommend the services as they made us feel like we were working with close friends from the first day we met. We happily look forward to working with Airhost Management Team in the near future.

  30. Jacquelyn W. Bryan

    I was a do it yourself kind of owner/landlord, but after over five hectic years of self-management with a lot falling through the cracks, I decided to look for a company that could help manage my property.
    Finding Airhost Management was the solution to my problem! It’s been over two great years and I am pleased with their service. Al and Prayas have been very helpful and responsive whenever I have needed their help. They handle issues quickly and gives me ongoing updates on maintenance requests.
    I would highly recommend Airhost Management to any owner/landlord who needs assistance with property management. Thanks, team for genuine support.

  31. M. A. Farrington

    I’m very pleased with how quickly and efficiently AL responded to my maintenance call regarding my failing refrigerator, and equally pleased with the two men who delivered my new refrigerator the very next morning. They worked fast, efficiently, and professionally, even had to take the old refrigerator doors off just to get that monster out of the front door! AL was initially ready to get me a new refrigerator the same day that I called, but I wasn’t available that day.

    Big thank you to AL, Prayas, Dax, and crew for making Airhost Management such an outstanding management company!

  32. Juno Allen

    We were very pleased with our experience from Airhost Management – flexible and willing to work with the client (as per our experience not exactly commonplace in the area). During the year we spent there AL was prompt to respond to our needs but nonintrusive otherwise. The only gripe was with the early experience at move in when they were let down by a subcontractor (not exactly their fault). Despite that early mishap (which was attended to in a reasonably timely fashion) I would easily recommend them either as a go-to company for your rental needs or property management. Keep up the good work! The quality, efficiency, and responsiveness of Al and Airhost Management Team are highly professional, phenomenal, and best-in-class!


    AL and Airhost Management not only excel at effectively managing properties but are also very pleasant and affordable to do business with. Their processes and technology make interacting with the company effortless and seamless, and they do a great job of isolating the owner from issues with the tenants. I continue to gladly give them more business and have no reservations when it comes to recommending Airhost Management for my closest friends’ property management needs.

  34. Samah Harper

    This is the second house rental they’ve handled for me. The communication between the owner, tenant, and the manager is always smooth and responsive. Airhost Management is nothing but professional and knowledgeable. Al and his team are truly one-of-a-kind, and I recommend them to anyone I know with property in Toronto.

  35. Kylan Cash

    AL and his team are absolutely amazing! I’m not going to mention their awesome negotiating incredible marketing that everyone knows about already. For me and my family, their most valuable skill was finding the perfect tenants for our home. Talk about having some really strong connections to the wealthy! Almost all landlords will tell you how great they are at their job, but AL actually delivers. I couldn’t be happier.

  36. Aqeel Powell

    I have been working with Airhost Management for 3 months now, and I am very happy. They manage my property in Toronto and have done an amazing job! Screening all prospective tenants as well as managing the reservations and any issues that may come up before, during, or after someone’s stay. I travel a lot and needed to be able to feel confident that I could leave my property in extremely capable hands. Airhost has allowed me a stress-free way to handle my short term rental. Thank you!!!

  37. Holli Fernandez

    AL has helped us over many years with renting our two properties for a short term. He and his team are very personable, efficient, and make things happen! If you want honesty and to get the job done, AL and his team will be sure to take care of you – and the hard work does show.

  38. Sidrah Dickens

    overall, a great property management company. they’re fairly quick to resolve issues when they arise. always get notifications/ receipts of payments I made. they have been very consistent for the past few years. great job Airhost Management!

  39. Luqman W. T

    Al & his staff are great and were communicative and transparent throughout the process.
    I definitely recommend going through them if you are looking to rent your lovely home.

  40. Kiya Busby

    It was a pleasure to work with them because they know what they do, have built a good relationship with owners like me, and pay attention to details!!! Prayas helped me to find wonderful tenants fast. I will use Airhost Management again if I need to. They are the BEST in this niche!!!

  41. Aubrey Howarth

    Al managed our triplex in Niagara. He took over immediately after we purchased that property, and we have been out of area owners the entire time. I honestly don’t know how we would have done it without AL and his team. They ran the property 100% and kept us informed of everything. He raised rents on a regular basis to keep up with the market trends. Thank you, AL and the team at Airhost Management!!

  42. Mr. Stuart Walters

    Everything was handled swiftly and professionally. I really enjoyed working with my Airhost Management.They did everything they could to make sure everything was handled to my satisfaction/

  43. Arielle Fernandez

    It was such a relief to find Airhost Management! I found them on the internet-it was exactly what I was looking for. In the past, I have had to ask a friend or relative to help me manage my rental unit if we need to travel abroad, but I really didn’t want to ask one more time….Airhost exceeded my expectations! Every step of the process was communicated and handled perfectly, including a couple of plumbing issues on check-in day. I look forward to using this company in the future!

  44. Isobella Read

    What a great first-time experience with Airhost Management. They were available during the time I needed them. It came right on time and even emailed me the house manual and pictures that same night. And for a very reasonable price. I’d give them six stars if I could.

  45. S.Goodman

    I have had the pleasure of working with Al for two rental properties. He is incredibly easy to work with and helps make a daunting and confusing experience manageable. I appreciated his constant communication and quick responses. Al and the team are wonderful and highly recommended!

  46. Karen Dyer

    going to make this short and to the point- Airhost Management truly is the best in the biz. They are super knowledgeable, honest, ambitious, and friendly. They have a true passion for this profession! Anytime a friend or a client needs the best in the business I always refer Airhost Team!

  47. Eryk Cousins

    These guys are great! Always professional and a breeze to deal with. We have been using them for over 2years and have been a blessing ever since our daughter (no time to be a full-time landlord). AL and Prayas have been always fair and pleasant as property managers.

    Give them a try!

  48. Hadley Haas

    Just have to say that this Airhost Management company makes me want to buy more properties because they make it easy to have a rental property! We rent out my Mothers old home that constantly has issues due to age, and honestly if it wasn’t for AL and the rest of the team really save us time and most importantly MONEY we probably would have sold this house a long time ago!!!!

    Thank you AL for making my life less stressful!!!! Truly a pro bunch of people that work there!

  49. Ms. Eesha Perry

    One year later… still very thankful I found AL & team to manage our rental property.

    I recently decided to upgrade the property and had AL to manage it via his rental management company. I don’t have to worry a thing about organizing the dates, buying the materials, choosing the colors, calling the crew blah blah blah.. I could just pay them online and have the property upgraded in a week. Having worked with some construction companies before, you’d probably know that it’s not always the case that they can keep their words on when they’ll finish. But AL’s company has competitive quote, and they actually finish on time. They send some copies of the charges, too, like from Home Depot for example, in case you worry that you get duped. (I never had to ask for that and they still send me the paperwork.).

    AL also takes care of the little things that I would not have otherwise known. For this one time where I found that the property, I owned was due for Fire Alarm Inspection. Of course, I only found out about a month late (because who regularly checks their snail mails every day right?) So, I was freaking out that I would get fined, and get into trouble. But that Daryl help me to take care of it. Since I don’t live in that area and I don’t know the local laws/customs, it’s definitely helpful to have AL and the team to take care of it all.

    And, the team is very helpful, too. I’ve worked with most of them. Thank you, AL and the rest of Airhost Team//

  50. London Shepard

    Airhost Management has been managing an investment property for me and they have been very honest and dependable. The tenants are finally now paying on time consistently and AL transfers the disbursement promptly. I recently had an inspection and they were very involved with the entire process. I would highly recommend them. Great work, AL!

  51. Charline Wang

    Airhost Management is highly recommended should you need their services. I’ve partnered with them for over a now and the level of service has been consistently amazing. They work in the best interest of their partners may you be a tenant or landlord. I was delighted to check on my property after a while it was very clean like a brand new unit, my bills are paid on time and my property is always fully booked. AL is very awesome. I truly appreciate his prompt & timely communication, very approachable. Keep up the great job!

  52. Emerson Dunlap

    I don’t know even where to begin with AL, Prayas, and the rest of Airhost Management Team. We stumbled across Airhost Management and met AL and Nate the amazing photographer in person to consider hiring them to provide their property management services for our vacation home. We have had terrible service from our previous mgmt company in the past resulting from being a small unit property and being constantly overlooked. However, Airhost Management gave us the time of day and also began to resolve our never-ending pile of issues head-on that were neglected from the previous mgmt company. Airhost Management goes above and beyond for their clients no matter how big or small and we are extremely happy with the service as well as the personal touch they add. You cannot go wrong partnering with them and we look forward to a new budding long term relationship!

    Thank you!!

  53. Flynn Parry

    I want to begin this review by saying thank you very much AL for allowing me to feel at ease while you and your Team oversee my rental property.
    I began renting my home early this year. This was a new experience for me, so I had some anxiety about the process. As I searched for a Property Manager, something told me to call Al, I did and he came to my home if I’m not mistaken that same day. I let him know that I needed to move out in a month and asked he to give me direction to move forward. He assisted me in getting my home rent ready. Although it was one of the most stressful moments in my life, I couldn’t imagine having anyone else assist, as with his expertise, he made the process as seamless as possible. Being I am out of state, it is a relief knowing they are overseeing things concerning my home and depositing the rent in my account every month, on time.
    I am now helping a friend find a rental home and have recommended Al and his team to her.

  54. Ms. Cassian Frye

    There was a bit of miscommunication/misunderstanding initially. I actually ended up speaking to AL and he was as gracious as everyone has described. He cares deeply about the importance of good customer service which is a trait I definitely look for in anybody I do business with. I can tell this company has the knowledge and management skills that I am looking for. Best in the business!
    If you want to work with people who are honest and fair, this is the place.

  55. Tobias Carson

    This company has really been the best! We have 2 apartment complexes that Airhost Management manages for me. During Xmas and the holidays, not many companies would be on alert but they were. We had a severe plumbing issue in one of the units and needed to be addressed quickly. Airhost Management had the issue taken care of the same day and kept our tenants content and up and running.

    We appreciate having them on board. Highly highly recommend it!

    Thanks again Al!

    – Tobias Carson

  56. Lucille Navarro-Oakley

    Airhost Management is phenomenal when it comes to customer service, attention to detail, and overall responsiveness.

    As a property owner, I was looking to find a management company that can take the headache of managing properties and dealing with issues off of my hands. They have been dealing with one of my vacation homes, and they take care of everything. I never have to deal with tenant issues or any other issues that take place in my units.

    Airhost Managementt has by far exceeded all of my expectations!

  57. Judy Lloyd

    We recently hired Airhost Management to manage our apartment complex and they got to work immediately. Our property seemed to always look unkept. Without instruction, Al had his crew repair outdoor lights, trim unkempt bushes and do an exterior general cleanup.

    We recently remodeled one of the units under Al’s supervision and it looks contemporary and clean. Al and his property manager are great to work with. They are quick to respond too!

    Most of all I like their attention to detail and their ability to work with both the landlords and the tenants!

    Great job to all those that work at the Airhost Management Team!

  58. Rufus Mustafa

    I recently began working with Airhost Management, and what a great choice to transition. Previously, I’ve had the same company manage my rental home in Ontario for years, but the quality of service kept going down, while the cost kept going up. I asked around and a coworker told me about Airhost Management.

    They’ve been excellent! Fast, clear responses and proactive outreach, great with following up on issues the tenants may have… and at a more fair price than what I was paying before.

    I 100% recommend Airhost Management. to anyone looking for a residential property management company.

  59. Livia Molson

    If your renting out your property for a short term , AL is the man for the job! My condo was on the market three days and it was booked right away in Airbnb! Why? Because he knew exactly how to stage it, paint it, and present it. I also was able to receive far more in the sale than expected! (And in today’s market, this is unheard of!)

    But in addition to all of the above, AL went far beyond the call of duty to help me out with my renters in my other property, willing to meet and greet them at midnight, later dealing with necessary repairs. Needless to say, I cannot say enough about Airhost Management. Al is such a sincere, hard working, communicative realtor, who deserves the ultimate success in his industry.

  60. Jace Wilkinson

    Al, Prayas and the whole team have been nothing short of amazing-esp during this trying time of CoVID-19.My overall experience can only be defined as wonderful. I can text, email, when I need anything. I feel truly blessed to be taken care of by airhost management to help me manage our home for a short term rental.

    Thanks again Airhost management!

  61. Robert Gehrke

    I used Airhost Management for a short term rental and they made everything so easy! Great communication and detailed follow up made the check in process super simple. Would recommend this service to anyone looking for a quick and efficient solution to manage their property.

  62. Clara Thompson

    We are a partner of Airhost Management, and we felt compelled to review their business as it has been an absolute pleasure to work with their team. Al and Prayas are friendly and helpful, even in the face of adversity.No matter day or night when an issue arises the quick response and helpfulness is always welcomed. Especially when the issue is unforeseen it gets resolved. My family truly appreciates the care.

  63. Xander Shields

    We left our flat in the very capable hands of AL. He is on top of things . Airhost Management manage our property which is extremely helpful as we live in the different town. Rates are very competitive and reasonable. I would definitely recommend them to all of my friends and family.

  64. Wayne T. Khan

    Working with Prayas and Airhost Management has been an incredible experience as a landlord!Their professionalism, great reputation, and their dedication to helping owners get the most from their investment properties.I couldn’t have asked for a better Property Management experience!

  65. Zoe Greer

    I am very satisfied with the service I have received from Airhost Management and especially the great service by AL. They handled all the marketing for my unit, didn’t charge me for any of it, and had the unit rented in less than 3 weeks.I love the fact that they are online with all payments for the renter and for me the landlord to receive that rent. They also have their own handyman who is reasonable when things come up.
    I highly recommend this company, I am 100 percent satisfied!

  66. Kathleen R. Venable

    We have been with Airhost Management almost 2 years now! I will continue to recommend them to anyone who needs to rent!! They are great!!

  67. Kayli Bradtke

    When I moved to InnisfilI did not want to give up my Whitby. Though I was worried about the maintenance and care associated with renting I decided that was my best option. Fortunately I was introduced to Airhost Management in and have had nothing but good experiences. They have been reliable, quick to respond to issues that arise and their rates are reasonable. I’ve had experience with a number of property management companies and can say that Airhost Management is top notch!

  68. Josie Currie

    As an owner of a house in Innisfil, I have recently hired Airhost Management to manage my property. I have been very impressed with their responsiveness, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, diligence and expertise. We are in a tough situation with a tenant and they go above and beyond to sort everything ASAP. I really believe I couldn’t have chosen better and pray nothing changes.

  69. Breanna Hauck

    Airhost Management! has just been such an amazing company to work with – From the start,they are always wonderful, communicative and just on the ball! Speaking of on the ball… AL and the maintenance team have been so amazing as well! They are super responsive, and take care of any issues we may have immediately. Thank you Airhost Management!

  70. Alejandra Ortiz

    I highly recommend Airhost Management company. We were having a hard time finding the right tenants for our property in Niagara and I didn’t have the time to deal with it anymore. I am a stay at home mother and help with my husband’s business and couldn’t find the time anymore. I contacted a few other companies first, one company was super expensive and the other company was not very helpful and took forever to respond to my phone calls. I called Airhost Management and Al was efficient, professional, and trustworthy. He met with me the next day and within a few weeks, he had a very nice young family in our home. Now I don’t have to worry about it because I know AL will handle it and not only that but he will respect my wishes when it comes to my property. Definitely worth it!

  71. Alphonso D’Amore

    I think they are the best. my house was rented as promised we are very happy with their service

  72. Sierra P.

    I never thought that… I would write a review, but the best thing that happened for us was having finally, after many years, good and smart people in Airhost Management. And they quickly changed the property management company.
    Airhost Management are doing such a great job. Very intelligent and professional, and getting things done! Thank you!

  73. Maeve Irwin

    My experience with Al at Airhost Management was a joy. He not only did everything he could to fine tune the terms my tenant for my rental property, but did so with a positive and friendly attitude throughout the process.Would absolutely love to work with Al again in the future.

  74. Hope Merritt

    I am a homeowner that used to self-manage my property. I will be reviewing Airhost Management as a landlord and not as a renter.

    Al, Prayas and the team have been very professional and I am glad that our paths crossed! As I mentioned, I used to self manage – you think that living on an island that is easy to do but it is definitely not! Airhost Management has made my life easier!Al has been 100% helpful and ready to tackle everything you throw her way, even going the extra mile.

  75. Madeline Calder

    AL is a fantastic property manager who has the best interest in mind for both his tenants and his investors. I see “Airhost Management” as a quality company that has great resources & referrals and their properties with quality, timely service. When the tenants are talking good things about the property manager, you KNOW that they act as a good landlord too! I look forward to working with Air host Management for many years to come!!

  76. Nash D.

    I was recommended to AL and his team to manage my property after i had some issues with my then property management company. In addition, i also needed a property management company that could handle my horrible tenants. Hiring AL and his team to manage my property was the best decision.

  77. Olive Burt

    Airhost Management is as professional and accommodating as a company can be. AL was so personable and friendly throughout the entire process. That is the definition of professionalism and I really felt he went above and beyond for us. A++

  78. Myla Dulan

    Airhost Management gets on top of things QUICK!!!
    The entire staff is friendly helpful and professional.

  79. Charlie Altman

    Al is excellent! He is reliable, trustworthy, and provides quick and efficient customer service. He is a joy to work with!He is truly as good as it gets!!!

  80. Birgitta Embla

    Airhost Management is the best and easiest property management company I have worked with. Their customer service is fantastic, and everyone I’ve interacted with has been extremely pleasant, responded quickly, and is very knowledgeable and professional. They work their magic and make everything stress-free — highly recommend!

  81. Jackson S. Withers

    AL and his team are the best around. They’ve got the knowledge and resources of the huge companies while their customer care and attention to detail is amazing. I am so glad I was referred to this company. Now I let the pros handle everything for our units and I don’t need to stress about all the details (and laws) anymore. Thanks Airhost Management! Highly recommended.

  82. Wesley Molson

    Al and his team are fabulous! I’ve worked with other property management companies in the past and Airhost Management is the best. This is a great company and I don’t regret making the change.

  83. Gabriel Segal

    During this shelter in place, I thought it would be difficult to find tenants, but Airhost Management was able to find them quickly and safely!

  84. Nicolas Clarkson

    I decided to rent my place since I’m getting married. I didn’t NOT want to deal with all the applicants, credit check etc all by myself so I found Airhost Management. Al got back to me right away, he came over , told me he would be happy to help and off we went! He explained EVERY part of the process with me- rental agreements, fees etc. His staff is also awesome! They always text to give me a heads up when they are going to show my place. So thoughtful! Thanks AL!!

  85. Colt Davies- Molson

    I don’t write reviews often but I had to share my experience with Airhost Management – They are the best! Al, has gone above and beyond to make my rental property as smooth as possible for our short term tenants. He was extremely kind. I highly recommend working with the Airhost Management team.

  86. Grace Miller

    I don’t write reviews often but I had to share my experience with Airhost Property Management – They are the best! My property manager, Al, has gone above and beyond to make the process as smooth as possible. He was extremely kind. I highly recommend working with the Airhost Property Management team if you are looking for a property management company!

  87. Hanna Nevin

    A group of hard-working professionals has assisted me to rent out my property, in less than a month. Efficient and have kept me well-informed of the process. Not to mention their affordable fee for customers. Like their name, my experience with Airhost Property Management is as smooth as a zip line 🙂

  88. Maddison Irving

    When I first started this process I was worried about losing my home. Now I’m restructuring my entire portfolio to invest in more rental properties so that I can expand my relationship with Airhost Property Management because of how easy they make the process. If you’re not using Airhost Property Management to manage your rental property, you’re doing it wrong.

  89. Kara Ayla-Smith

    Albert and his team are THE A-Team! We have purchased several homes in Hamilton and and being manage by Airhost Managment– it has been outstanding! Al is transparent about the process, costs, recommendations for optimal sales position and constantly available. Thank you, AL, Prayas, and the entire Airhost Management team in bringing all your resources, organized process, updated market analysis and straight-forward transparency. We really enjoyed working with you!

  90. Aiden Irvin

    I’ve been renting my townhouse with Airhost Property Management for two years now. I am thoroughly impressed with this company. But more specifically, Albert. He has been the property manager I have worked with, and he is nothing short of wonderful. He responds quickly, and I feel goes above and beyond to help with my needs. Al is the best!! Thank you Albert, you are a gem!!!

  91. Kayden Calder

    Was looking for a property manager to take care of renting out my condo and take care of everything from finding tenants to managing repairs and anything else that comes up. Talked to Al and he seemed to be on the level. Talked to two of his current customers/references and no red flags came up. He did everything by the book and walked me through everything in an efficient and prompt manner.

  92. Natalie Bain

    This review is long overdue, but I want to let everyone know how pleasant & easy it was for my family to work with Al at Airhost Property Management. We relocated with a 4-month old in tow, and renting a property from Airhost Property Management couldn’t have been easier. Once I located a rental property online, I contacted Al. He was immediately responsive and helpful. His honest demeanor and professionalism were the deciding factors for pursuing the property further. Airhost Property Management provides online rental applications and contracts–as well as payments. Al is always extremely quick to respond to our messages and is always helpful. I highly recommend working with this company for your rental needs.

  93. Ruth Aceron

    We knew Airhost Property Management from one of my colleagues. I was helping my friend to coordinate the developer to fix the water damages in their apartment. However, it did not work out for me because the contractor’s attitude and my working schedule. Airhost Property Management helped to me to coordinate and to oversee their works. We were very satisfied with their services. After that, they are our property manager till now. In addition, they referred their Real Estate lawyer to one of my friends to deal with her terrible tenant. Then everything also worked out well.

    I waited a while before I wrote a review but I can honestly say Airhost Property Management is the standard for property managers. They have all kinds of sourcing and skills for your properties.

  94. Simon Wiseman

    Airhost Property Management is fantastic. When I decided to rent out my property, I was scared to manage all of the details on my own & didn’t want to make any missteps in leasing it out nor handle 1 am phone calls if something broke in the apartment. From the moment I first spoke to the folks at Airhost Property Management, I knew my apartment would be in good hands. They are professional yet friendly, and very responsive & knowledgeable. They made everything easy for me. I would use Airhost Property Management in a heartbeat.

  95. Aubrey Black

    I can’t express my gratitude towards Al and the Airhost Property Management staff enough! Any concern I have ever had has been met and solved in record time and always with such graciousness and kindness. I would recommend Airhost Property Management to anyone looking for a worry free and attentive experience.

  96. Bailey Lee

    As an owner , Al and Prayas have provided excellent service for me are continuously updating me on issues and timelines.
    Al is very responsive and he makes me feel assured about getting the best tenants and rental price. He works hard and efficiently to ensure that I do not miss out any out rental income when tenants change and is always looking out for the my best interest. I feel confident that the unit is in good hands.

  97. Wren Molson- Lane

    Airhost Property Management has been managing my rental property in for just over a year. From finding and vetting the tenant to maintaining the property and collecting the rent, I have found them to be professional, reliable and responsive. I highly recommend them.

  98. Shelby P.

    We have been using Airhost Property Management for 4 months now and we are super happy! We were super nervous about renting out our home but so far everything has gone really smoothly. And to top it off Al and Prayas got our house rented in less than 24 hours!!

  99. Evangeline Merritt

    Al has been the most professional, pleasant, and friendly person to deal with during the entire process for our renting our precious property. He always gets back to us in a timely manner. We love Airhost Property Management.

  100. Trycia West II

    They are responsive, professional and easy to work with. They helped me place a tenant VERY fast. I love the interaction. Great work, Albert and team!

  101. Aurore Green

    I was reticent to go with a leasing company because they charge so much. And then I was hesitant to go with Airhost Management because they charge so little! But the service has been excellent and they now manage my condo. A+ service highly recommend if you’re a home owner looking to rent your property.

  102. Kelsi King III

    Im so glad I found Airhost Property Management!
    I recently bought a duplex in Barrie. I hired Airhost Team to find me the tenants and manage the property. They found tenants for both of the units in less than a week. Im beyond impressed with how easy everything was. They seemed very professional in very step of the way. I also love that I get my money in my account same day. I definitely recommend them 🙂

  103. Darlene Rosa

    Thank you Albert and team for all your hard work to renovate our beloved home and have it available on the list for short term rental. You knew it was not just a house to us and you handled everything with the utmost professionalism. My husband is in the construction business and knows a lot of property management but we picked you because we knew we’d be in great hands. We were right!

  104. Sarai Hansen

    I took my time choosing a property management company and Airhost Property Management was my choice. Albert has been very professional and accommodating in making the process very smooth from the beginning. Highly recommend this company for your property management needs.

  105. Reginald Muller

    I cannot say enough about Al at Air host Property Management. He has gone above and beyond the proverbial call of duty on numerous occasions. I own a condo at Ontario and I have found Al to be consistently courteous, professional and a problem solver who manages it all without any fuss, muss, mess or drama. He’s as good as it gets.

  106. Prof. Antonina Rath Jr.

    From the very beginning of looking for a property manager to help me manage my property and defining what I want, to somebody handing you the keys, you will be glad you found an ethical professional like Albert of Airhost Property Management. And then you will be back here writing a glowing review too!

  107. Keara Russel

    Albert was so helpful. That day I had been dealing with a bunch of rude people and he changed my view of property management. If I know of anyone looking for the best compant to manage your beloved property I will send them him way for sure.

  108. Prof. Virginie Marquardt Jr.

    Wow! So impressed working with Al and the other staff. I cannot wait to buy another and have them manage it. Everything was done in a timely manner and they were always around to answer any question I had. I highly recommend them to anyone who’s thinking about renting.

  109. Skylar Barber

    I wish these folks were around years ago, compared to my previous manager(s).
    We live across the ocean, so it is very hard to handle maintenance issues get trustworthy information. So far, so good!

  110. Jenkins Q.

    Al and the Airhost Property Management team do a great job. If you have an investment property that you need to be managed by highly-skilled professionals, they are your best bet in the Hamilton area.

  111. Cheryl T. Smith

    Al took care of our rental property on Airbnb and other properties portal during this Covid 19 pandemic. Unable to ask for better people to guide us through this process from the beginning to the end. Airhost Property Management has always been looking for our best interest, kept us informed and at ease. Great people always treat you nicely.

  112. Katelyn Schulist

    I want to say thank you to the whole team of Airhost Management. They made it easy for me to rent out my precious home and worry-free even during the pandemic. Throughout the entire process, they supported me in answering all my questions with importance and accuracy. Well, thank you again!

  113. Waylon Philips

    We worked with Albert and his team on our rental apartment. Airhost Management team was kind, friendly, fun and extremely knowledgeable as well as very informative. Their team were extremely timely and made sure to help with everything they could to managing our property would be a lot easier. I would recommend Al and his team as they made the process of property management not only easy but fun!

  114. Melba McKenzie

    I would highly recommend that you use Airhost Management Services as your property management service to rent out your home. I recently rented out my newly purchased home. They went above and beyond to help me and find the perfect tenant for me, and we’re ready to list in no time. Thank you all, team!-Melba McKenzie

  115. Lena J. Butler

    I have met several property management companies before settling on Al from Airhost Management. At the end of the day, he was clear on what he was looking for and appropriately guided me toward it. He was always professional, very communicative, and would double check my documents to make sure they were completed properly. A good property management company is able to deliver a seamless service experience while maintaining exceptional quality. Al was frank with me with all the information I needed.

  116. Franziska Schiffer

    Albert consistently delivered excellent service for their clients and home owner. This was my first time in the rental market and I was surprised with how many different choices there are. Luckily, Al helped me through the process by offering a simple step by step guidance. They offered me excellent guidance on how to prepare our condo for viewing, and also helped me find top-notch vendors for all the repairs and upgrades. You can look to Al and his team if you are looking property management company. A+++ for consistency and reliability. I would like to thank Al for making my life so much easier.

  117. Samuel Bulcock

    We’ve had so many issues and emergencies that have come up with the property over the past year (HOA, outdoor moisture, broken appliances), but Al has come up every time and given us peace of mind. He’s always been quick, professional, and proactive.

  118. Kevin Richter

    It’s not just about maintenance requests or changing the locks, it’s about Airhost Management Team’s attention to detail, and it’s about making sure our tenants have everything they need to feel at home, comfortable and like real members of the Airhost Management family.

  119. Matthias Hahn

    Albert is a true professional, in every sense of the word. Right-forward, efficient, and incredibly communicative. On top of all that, he’s a wonderfully nice guy and someone I can’t recommend enough. No matter what your real estate needs are.

  120. Austin Oster

    It’s been a pleasure working with David Drake and his team on getting the place rented, smoothly managing the tenants and property, and assisting in the eviction of tenants to prepare the property for sale. It comes highly recommended.

  121. Mille L. Mathiasen

    Airhost Property Management is Great!! They are truly professionals. If you are searching for a company to manage your properties, look no further! It’s been a great financial decision to partner with their team. Al, Prayas, and Ben are responsive, reliable, and great at what they do. They are also genuinely really nice and down to earth guys. They have everything I’ve been looking for in a property management company. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with my experience. Highly recommend!

  122. Louie Rowe

    Al and the rest of the Airhost Management team are wonderful. Very easy to contact and responsive to all requests. I’m relieved to know they have my back.

  123. Alexander Saenger

    Working with this group has been fantastic! Ben is amazing and always follows through. Everyone at the office has always been extremely helpful.

  124. Billy W. Lawrence

    Al was very friendly, attentive, and helpful when I hired him to rent my property. He listed my property for a few weeks, did some showings, and then my wife decided to cancel our listing so that family could take over. When I told Al, he was disappointed but understanding. He canceled the ad and wished us luck. He was doing an excellent job, and I am confident that if we did not cancel the listing, he would have done even better.

  125. Julia Wechsler

    Al made the switch to a property manager a breeze! When my tenant’s move-out date approached, I realized I no longer lived in the same state as my property and knew I needed the assistance of a professional to find a new tenant. Al was always timely, professional, and very helpful with any questions or concerns I had from the beginning. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone thinking about hiring a property manager to manage their own property in the future!

  126. Heather R. Meissner

    Al has been in charge of our home’s rental for the past 2 years. He has done an excellent job of managing the property. He responds quickly to tenant concerns and handles all repairs and maintenance. It truly is a weight lifted from our shoulders. We couldn’t have asked for anything more. The prices are also very reasonable. Thank you very much, Albert!

  127. Pamela A. Gutierrez

    They were a pleasure to work with! I currently own two more properties that generate a good income on a consistent basis. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to assist me with the management of my properties. I would never have been able to start investing on my own without their help.

  128. Zara Chambers Lee

    The Airhost Property Management Team provided exceptional customer service! Al and his team were extremely professional throughout the entire process of renting our home. I would recommend Airhost Property Management wholeheartedly.

  129. Stephanie Lee- Johnson

    I’d like to express my heartfelt recommendation for Al and his team at Airhost Property Management; we recently hired them to manage our small block of flats in Barrie and have been extremely pleased with how things have gone thus far.

  130. Noa Firmin

    I’ve been working with Al as a homeowner renting out my home, and I couldn’t be more pleased. He is always prompt to respond, professional, and a joy to work with.He was extremely helpful in explaining the process and assisting me throughout.

  131. Sunniva P

    Hi. I want to let you know that Airhost Property Management and the team helped my husband and I with our beloved home as a rental property. They were knowledgeable, patient, and extremely gifted at drawing attention to the things we overlooked. Prayas appeared to have our best interests at heart, and it seemed as though he wanted us to win. We absolutely love our home. Airhost PM is highly recommended. Thank you!

  132. Kit Watson

    Airhost Management developed first-rate marketing collateral, including a brochure, a flyer, and a website. They are extremely professional, are constantly on top of things, and kept us informed in a timely manner. Al had complete control over everything from scheduling important dates, photo sessions, and staging. Not only that, but Al also guided and assisted us in navigating unexpected obstacles; we truly felt safe! My wife insisted that our only regret was not meeting Al and the team sooner.

  133. Denis Lefebvre

    I cannot recommend Al highly enough! He is a subject matter expert in her field and an absolute pleasure to work with. The transaction was painless and swift (very swift), and he obtained everything we desired.

  134. Angela J. Donovan

    It was without a doubt the best decision I could have made in terms of renting my home. I was apprehensive about having to maintain it myself and collect the monthly payments on top of that. Airhost Management saved my life and relieved me of all of my stress by taking care of everything. They have even placed excellent tenants in my home. Once again, thank you very much. Everyone I know, including my friends and coworkers, has heard about you.

  135. Richard

    After working with a few Airbnb management companies, I was sceptical of yet another company promising the stars. But, Air host management actually took care of the hassles of letting your house out. From cleaning to client management and communication. It has been an amazing experience to co-host my condo with Air host management. I can’t recommend these guys enough.

  136. Clarissa Owens

    My beach view property had been rented out for long term, but due to the pandemic we hit a road block and a good property sat empty. Airhost Management team set up the property again with bare minimum effort from me, while keeping me updated all the time. It’s up and running with regular booking and fetching me more revenue than before. Pleasantly surprised and recommending others to try the services here at Airhost Management. Kudos guys.

  137. Tabitha

    It has been a pleasure associating with Airhost Management, the amount of time and energy they put into getting your listing high up and diverting traffic your way is beyond words. I had been trying to run my holiday home on Airbnb for a while, but the kind of results I got during the 3 months trial just showed me how incorrectly I was doing it. I plan to keep my business right here, where it’s yielding high returns.

  138. George Malcolm

    The level of cleanliness in properties managed by Airhost team is seamless and little touches made our stay that much more enjoyable! Airhost was quick to respond to any of our questions.
    Highly recommended for any stay

  139. Rodney

    Extremely happy to share with you ayy my experience with Al and his team at Airhost Management, they are the best and easiest property management company I have worked with. Their customer service is fantastic, and everyone I’ve interacted with has been extremely pleasant, responded quickly, and is very knowledgeable and professional.

  140. Brian

    What an easy team to do business with!
    Our communication was quick and clear on all points. Provided us with all the paperwork and honored all the prices.
    Real Professional. Great work guys!

  141. Matthew

    The guys at Airhost Management are wonderful property managers. Many prop managers I’ve worked with in the past have let me down, so I really appreciate someone who delivers. He only wants to see the best outcome for the person involved, not solely concerned with earning his commission (as I have seen from others). He’s excellent for your search.

  142. Ted

    We recently hired Airhost Property Management following an exhaustive search and interview process. Al and his team have been outstanding! Al has sourced new and improved service contracts, led the upgrade home and conducted a budget review. Highly recommended!

  143. Ivan

    It was such a relief to know my home was in good hands, and I was so impressed to come back and find the plants watered and everything as I’d left it. I definitely recommend Airhost to others!

  144. Edith

    The team from Airhost Management have been incredible!! We required a management pack quickly. They were prompt and efficient, keeping me informed throughout. He their word and even had everything sent and ready before the deadline. Extremely professional and a joy to work with.

  145. Hailey

    Airhost Management Team has been a joy to work with! They assisted me in finding tenants for my condo, completed all of the paperwork, and has been an excellent advisor in notifying me when local laws change that affect the rental agreement. Strongly recommended!!

  146. Pamela

    Thank you, Al and Airhost management, your help and quick response have been amazing! You always come through for me…My experience has been wonderful!

  147. Mark Davidson

    AIRHOST MANAGEMENT was amazing! My wife and I had no clue where to start when it came to renting our home for short term rentals. It was a sigh of relief (and totally worth the cost) to have a TEAM of people who know the game, have the resources, and efficiently execute on our behalf. They know their business and Fe ld well. Kudos.

  148. Samuel

    I really appreciate the customer/client service provided by Airhost Management. The team provides timely information and handles any issues quickly and easily. Prompt response and quick resolution, thank you!

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  228. Laura Cooper

    As day-to-day property managers they are always very accessible and quick to respond, they are totally professional and courteous with my tenants. I’m very happy to have Al and Prayas look after my properties.

  229. Leslie Ryder

    They truly made our time with both in-person and online a pleasure. We highly recommend the services as they made us feel like we were working with close friends from the first day we met. We happily look forward to working with Airhost Management Team in the near future.

  230. Cheryl Preston

    I was a do it yourself kind of owner/landlord, but after over five hectic years of self-management with a lot falling through the cracks, I decided to look for a company that could help manage my property.
    Finding Airhost Management was the solution to my problem!

  231. Janine Davis

    As day-to-day property managers they are always very accessible and quick to respond, they are totally professional and courteous with my tenants. I’m very happy to have Al and Prayas look after my properties.

  232. Donna

    What professional work these guys do. Very happy with their dealings with me and the kind of traffic they have gotten into my property and all this during a pandemic. Fabulous.

  233. Regan

    I met Al, the owner of the company, and I’m excited to work with him. He is courteous and professional, and he communicates clearly, which is very important to me. He consistently goes above and beyond for his colleagues and provides a valuable service. I wish him the best of luck as he grows his company in the city, and I’m sure they’ll keep hitting it out of the park!

  234. Howard Burton

    AIRHOST MANAGEMENT was amazing! My husband and I had no clue where to start when it came to renting our home for short term rentals. It was a sigh of relief (and totally worth the cost) to have a TEAM of people who know the game, have the resources, and efficiently execute on our behalf. fabulous job

  235. William Smith

    Extremely satisfied with the attention to detail and communication. Care is always shown. Guests are looked after from start to Finnish. We highly recommend them to anyone looking at Hosting.

  236. Julie Todd

    The entire team is the very pinnacle of professionalism. A special mention for Al, his dedication to our little project made things super easy. They took care of listings, competition and market strategy to get things off the ground. As a first time landlord, letting my property into business I was completely satisfied. Recommended!

  237. Bille

    Al and Prayas and his team are second to none. They go above and beyond to make sure all communications, appointments, and promises are kept! I had many times during my 3 years working with them where they supported impeccable service, attention, and generosity of energy and time. Thanks so much, Al and the rest of AIRHOST MANAGEMENT team!

  238. Mark Thompson

    Airhost Management’s professionalism, skill, responsiveness, and resourcefulness have far surpassed my expectations. Their interaction with guests are timely, informative, warm, and welcoming. And in addition to the impeccable and outstanding service they provide, simply a joy to work with.

  239. Melanie

    As day-to-day property managers they are always very accessible and quick to respond, they are totally professional and courteous with my tenants. I’m very happy to have Al and Prayas look after my properties.

  240. Ivory Shankman

    We recently hired Airhost Property Management following an exhaustive search and interview process. Al and his team have been outstanding! Al has sourced new and improved service contracts, led the upgrade home and conducted a budget review. Highly recommended!

  241. Allie

    Right from the beginning communication has been great. AL and Prayas have responded to all of my questions promptly and was eager to meet with me right after my first inquiry. Since it is our first time renting out our property we wanted to be sure to go with the right company and I am so grateful that I found this company after researching and reading reviews.

  242. Christina Sang

    I recently hired Airhost Management to rent out and manage a condo that I own. I had a bad experience with the last Property Management Company that I worked with and was referred to Airhost Management from a colleague who owns investment property that is managed by the Airhost Management.
    I am very happy with both the service and the communication

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