Hassle Free Short-Term Rental With Air-Host Management Inc

Safe, brisk and revenue multiplying Short-Term Rental listing! You take a backseat while we work diligently to multiply your revenue.

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    Air-Host Management Inc Pricing : Everything you need to know.

    We have 2 pricing options – you can choose the one that suits you best.

    Option 1

    We get commission on your revenue from

    Remember we don’t earn if you don’t earn!

    • All our hosts provide a $300 deposit when they join Air-Host Management Inc to go towards the total setup costs. You can find out more about this in our FAQ’s
    • Multiple Property Owner. We can offer you discounts when listing more than one property with Air-Host Management Inc.

    Option 2

    “Try us before you hire us” Products

    Remember we don’t earn if you don’t earn!

    We take care of everything from listing and connecting with travelers to cleaning up afterwards. We work with you only after you like us. It’s win-win.