How am I charged for your services?


Like Airbnb, we take commission from the total amount each guest pays, including their cleaning fee. This covers the management cost of arranging linen collection and cleans.

Like any host, you’ll receive payments from Airbnb (minus their fee) the day after a guest checks in.

We collect our commission from your account via weekly Direct Debits. Cleaning fees are collected separately, two days after each clean has taken place.

All of this occurs automatically – so you never have the hassle of making manual payments.

Airbnb will pay you directly on the second day of each booking. The nightly rental and the cleaning fee from the guest will come into your account at the same time. Airhost will then collect the cleaning fee 48 hours after the clean in order to pay the laundry provider and housekeeper, and collect the management fee via weekly Direct Debits.